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May 19, 2020

Hi, sweet friends. I haven’t shared my Amazon Home finds in awhile, so today’s the day!

I have been scouring Amazon lately and have found so many great things for my home. Most of these things are either in my home or in my cart. And I’ve found some awesome dupes for items in my home that are a bit pricier!

And guess what?! I’m teaming up with some other mama bloggers over in my Instagram Stories and we’re doing an Amazon Home giveaway TONIGHT! Be sure to stop by and enter…


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1. Cotton 2 Piece Rugs | I have these rugs in our laundry room. I love them because I can throw them in the washer and they’ve totally held up. (Here is another version of the same rug.)

2. Tripod Floor Lamp | This lamp is similar to the one we have in our family room.

3. Snake Plant With Stand | I’ve always like the look of snake plants – I have one in my home office. This one is real and it’s actually easy to keep alive!

4. Vase With Flowers | I have these in my built-in bookshelves in my home office.

5. Jute Rope Basket | Loving this basket.

6. Wood Beads Garland | These are a great addition to a stack of coffee table books.

7. Velvet Chairs | This is similar to my home office chair.

8. Marble Letter Bookend | Another home office built in piece.

9. Lights | So versatile! Loving the look of these lights.

10. Sheet Set | Seriously the softest sheets I’ve had, and a fraction of the price of the fancy pants sheets.

11. Table Lamp | I have my eye on this lamp for my home office desk.

12. Sunburst Mirror | A dupe of the mirror in our family room.

13. Console Table | Another dupe! This table looks so similar to the console table behind our family room sofa.

14. Faux Olive Tree | This olive tree is very similar to the olive tree in our family room.

15. Tall Basket | Perfect for those trees!

16. Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig | This is the tree we have in our front room. Looks real and at such a great price.

Find more of the My Kind of Sweet Home series here!

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