Pool Safety Tips For Toddlers


July 25, 2019

This “Pool Safety Tips for Toddlers” post is a sponsored post. All thoughts and options are my own. 

With summer in full swing, our pool days are plentiful and we are spending as much time as possible in splashing around in the pool. (Not to mention, it’s the only place I feel weightless, so why would I not want to feel that at almost 32 weeks pregnant?)
But, I can’t lie. When we first looked at our home and considered buying it, I was hesitant because of the pool. I’d just read too many tragic stories about kids and pools. So, as soon as we had kids, I made it a mission to focus on pool safety. 
Today I’m happy to be partnering with HTH Pool Supplies to share pool safety tips for toddlers. 
Head to Walmart to pick up the new HTH Pre-Measured Water Soluable Pods to help balance your pool’s PH levels easily and HTH 4-Way Test Strips to help manage your pool care.
(Quick note – Evy was not alone in the pool. My husband was just outside of this frame.)


  • Make sure your kids use floaties, but don’t blindly rely on them. It’s too easy to get comfortable and think that nothing bad could happen if your child is wearing a floatie. But, don’t let your guard down. Floaties can fail, slip off, etc. It’s important to continue to watch your kids like a hawk, even when they’re wearing floaties.
  • Never let them swim without an adult in the pool. It can be tempting to let my kids splash around by themselves in the pool while I’m sunning myself on the deck. But, NOPE. It’s a rule in our home that they can’t even touch the water unless an adult is in the pool.
  • Prioritize swim lessons. Sure, this is probably a no-brainer, but I’ve always made sure my kids are in consistent swim lessons from very early on. I want them to be comfortable in the water, and also learn to respect it.
  • Door alarm. We were adamant that if we had a pool, we would also install an alarm on every door that would alert us when it’s opened. So, if someone slips out the family room door to our backyard, no matter where we are in the house, we hear “Family Room Door Open.” 
  • Close the pool cover when the pool is not in use. Sure, I’d love to leave the cover open because I love pretty things and that pool is so darn pretty. But, it’s too much of a temptation for the kids, so if we’re not swimming in the pool, the cover is closed. (Also – if your pool doesn’t have a cover, install a safety fence around the pool.)
HTH pool treatment
  • Keep your pool in tip top shape with HTH Pool Supplies. A huge part of having a pool is taking care of it. Especially when there are little ones involved, we make sure our pool’s chemicals are on point. 
HTH PODS make it so easy to balance PH levels and  are similar to laundry pods, which means no more measuring chemicals. Simply toss it into your pool and enjoy. 
HTH pool treatment

Also, use the HTH 4-step program Test Strips to help take care of your pool.

You simply place the test strips in the water and then you can measure with the label on the back to see where your water is at! But, here is the really cool thing. You can simply text a picture of the test strip to 484123 and you will receive a text back detailing exactly what you need for your pool! This makes things so easy!

Pool safety tips for toddlers
Pool Safety Tips For Toddlers

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