Baby Registry Tips + Baby Registry Favorites From Walmart

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June 19, 2019

Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this “Baby Registry” post. All opinions are mine.

Happy Wednesday, sweet friends!

Creating a baby registry can be overwhelming, right? I know. I’ve been there. With my first babe (almost 5 years ago – how?!), I had to do SO much research before creating my baby registry. I had NO idea what to put on there, not to mention no idea what a baby actually needed. 

A lot of first-time mamas make the mistake of registering for the cute, adorable items. You know the ones: the pink frilly dresses and the expensive gadgets that celebrities use that you just assume are good. 

Well, mamas. I’m here to help. Today I’m partnering with Walmart to share baby registry tips and baby registry favorites. Did you know that Walmart has a Baby Registry?? It’s so easy to sign up and create a registry. Plus, it’s Walmart, so of course has all of the brands (including premium brands) that you love and trust. 

(Also, don’t judge but I’m pretty excited to be having a baby boy after two girls, because that means SHOPPING for baby things. Which is SO FUN. It’s my nesting.)

So, tell me: what’s on your baby registry?? I want to know! Let me know in the comments. 


Walmart baby registry favorites


1. Include both small and big ticket items on your baby registry.

Don’t shy away from more expensive items like strollers and car seats. Not only will your parents or in-laws probably want to spoil your babe (and you), but friends like to go in on an item for the shower. Let them!

2. Don’t forget the essentials.

Yes, you want to include the big items, but don’t forget to include those small everyday essentials: diapers, wipes, blankets, burp clothes, bottles, etc.

3. Look past the first 3 months.

I know. It’s overwhelming to think not only about what your baby needs in those first newborn months, but to consider that you’ll need even more things once she’s crawling and walking. But believe me, those days will be upon you before you know it and you’ll want to be prepared. So, include those items in your registry. A jogging stroller and bigger diapers, for example.

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Walmart Baby Registry Favorites

1. Little Star Organic Bodysuit + Pant Set OK, this bodysuit + pants set is such a great idea. It has sizes 0-3 to 6-9 months, which is amazing. And I promise you, your babe will live in bodysuits and sleepers for the first 3-6 months. 

2. VTech Baby Monitor – Having a video monitor is a no-brainer these days, but there are SO many options out there. This one gets amazing reviews and is affordable.

3. Tiny Love Infant Activity MatActivity mats are perfect for those first months before your baby is mobile and is a must-have for tummy time. We keep one in our family room. 

4. Plush ElephantBecause it’s suuuuper cute and will look really good in photos with your babe. 😉

5. Fisher-Price See + Soothe Bouncer Generally, the uglier the bouncer, the more  baby is going to love it. (Same with swings, BTW.) This one is actually NOT as ugly as most, but it has everything your babe will need to be entertained and soothed for at least a few minutes. Ha.

6. NoseFrida Snotsucker I promise you, you will use this little wonder WAY more than you think. It’s saved my sanity (and sleep) more times than I can count.

7. BOB Jogging StrollerMy absolute favorite jogging stroller. Even though babe can’t go in a jogging stroller until she has gret neck control (normally around 6 months), I would still recommend putting this on your baby registry. You’ll be so glad you did.

8. Sleep N’ Play sleepers – Skip the frilly and cute things. Your baby is going to wear nothing but sleepers and bodysuits for the first few months. (And maybe even longer, until she can walk.) Stock up on sleepers, for sure.

9. HALO Sleepsack Swaddle Three kids in, and I still have no idea how to swaddle a baby. The good news? I don’t have to know how! I used this sleepsack swaddle with both of my girls, and will definitely use it with baby boy. I prefer the cotton version because then I know babe won’t overheat, but if your house is cold, especially in the winter, they have this microfleece version, too.

10. Angelcare Infant BathI made the mistake with my first girl of spending way too much money on a fancy infant bath. Yeah, don’t do that. Your baby bath doesn’t need a digital temperature reading or sensors. Promise. I picked up this one for baby boy last week. It’s $13 and it’s all you need.

11. Comotomo bottles Alright, breaking news: if you’re breastfeeding, your baby might not take a bottle. My first wouldn’t and I tried ALL of them. These were the only bottles she ended up liking. They are shaped more like a breast and feel very soft.

12. Marpac Dohm sound machine – We have this sound machine in each of our girl’s rooms, and will be getting another one for baby boy. It does the job and isn’t too loud that it will hurt baby’s ears.

13. Safety 1st healthcare kit This little kit has all of the things you’ll need that you won’t realize you need until you need to use them. (Did that make sense?)

14. BabyBjorn bouncerI bought this bouncer when I had my first girl, and both of my kiddos have loved it. I love that babe can use it until 6 months. I added this toy for the bounce and it entertained my girls so I could actually get a few things done around the house.

15. Dreft Newborn Baby laundry detergent Alright, I’ll be honest. (Always.) I have only ever used this laundry detergent when my babes were newborns. I can’t justify the price to continue using it, but why not make doing 402 loads of laundry a day slightly enjoyable? It smells AMAZING.

16. Ergobaby OMNI 360 Carrier – If I have any tip for a mom of more than one kiddo, it’s to wear your baby. My second lived in this carrier for the first 10 months or so. I plan on wearing baby boy as much as possible because I’m convinced there’s no better feeling in the world. This carrier supports a newborn to a child up to 45 pounds (WHOA), so it’s really the only carrier you need.

17. Graco Pack n’ Play Playard and Bassinet – I love this Pack n’ Play because it has the bassinet for when the baby is a newborn, and also the playard for when the babe is mobile. I keep a Pack n’ Play in our family room so there’s a place for the baby to sleep.


(Because I couldn’t fit them all in the collage. I told you babies need a lot of stuff…)

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