The Sweet Edit | No. 8

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October 6, 2017

Happy Friday, friends! This is called the Sweet Edit because I want to share the things I’ve loving with you each week. Those things that make life sweeter.

This week is a little bit different, because I’m sharing one thing I did NOT love. In fact, I pretty much hated it…

But, just so we don’t go into the weekend on a sour note, I’ve also included those things I’m loving. Because love still trumps hate. Right..?

Also, if your heart is like mine and still heavy from the horrible, senseless Las Vegas shooting and you feel compelled to help, here is a good place to start. 

Have a wonderful weekend, mamas. Let’s love BIG. 


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October is National Bullying Prevention month and my friend Laura at Fox and Trove is on it. She’s started a movement on Instagram called #goldpinkypromise to help spread awareness. She’s asking everyone to to paint their pinkie finger gold and pinky promise to treat others like gold. How cool is that?

In case you were wondering: still haven’t finished this book. #momlife I am still loving it, though.

Pottery Barn is having their Friends + Family sale. (Use code FRIENDS.) Fall begs for cozy home decor, so go check it out. Adding throw pillows is the easiest way to change your living room with the seasons. Also, ALL OF THIS in my life, please.

Bloomingdale’s is also having their F+F sale. Save 25% off with the code FRIENDS. I’m sharing my fav picks under $50 at the end of the post…

This tank.

The coziest cardigan in all the world (and the item I get asked about the most) is back in stock. RUN.

This is the blanket from the pic and OMG if you get it you have to promise not to blame me if you never leave your couch again and become the most unproductive human ever.

OK, now this…

First of all, who on earth thought this article was a good idea?  Like motherhood isn’t hard enough already?? PLEASE. So. Just in case you’ve read it and you need a reminder: YOU are a good mom. You deserve so much more respect than being ranked arbitrarily in a thoughtless article written by someone who either doesn’t have kids or values SEO rank over encouraging those of us with the toughest task on the planet. (And, yes. In case you’re wondering: I’m a Leo. And you know what else? I’m a damn good mom, too.)


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