Losing The Baby Weight: 5 Tips


August 14, 2017

Alright, let’s just get this out of the way first: take the time to enjoy your baby. It takes 9 months to put the weight on, so it’s perfectly normal for it to take 9 months for it to come off. Weight ain’t nothin’ but a number. Love your body at any size. Phew. Now that that’s over, let’s talk about what’s on the mind of 98.6% of mama’s minds: losing the baby weight.

Mamas. Hear me out. You can love your baby and be completely in awe of your body because you GAVE BIRTH TO A HUMAN, and at the same time you can want to lost those pounds and get back into your pre-pregnancy jeans. Because they’re cute and expensive and you like how your butt looks in them. 

I feel like losing the baby weight is sometimes a taboo subject, especially in the first 3-6 months after giving birth. But you know what? I’m calling a little bit of bullshit on that. Because there’s not much a new mama wants more than to feel like HERSELF again. And when there are extra pounds to carry around, sometimes you just don’t feel like yourself. 

Sure, it’s crazy how stars bounce back to their pre-pregnancy bodies within 5.7 hours of birthing a child. And believe me, no one should expect that. But, they’re celebrities and we are civilians so let’s just take them out of the equation. Because I don’t compare my monthly therapist bills to theirs, so why should I compare my baby weight? 

I’m all about taking those first weeks to love on your new bundle and get used to your new normal. The medical community gives us 6 weeks before they give the green light to work out. It varies for every woman. But, when you’re ready? DON’T apologize for wanting to take time for yourself. To feel like yourself. And to get that booty into those favorite jeans. (Remember when I wrote about getting back to my workouts after Harper was born?)

Full disclosure: I’m still carrying around 2 pounds of baby weight (and don’t tell anyone but I’m pretty sure they’re sitting right there on my chest). With Harper, I hung onto 5 pounds until I stopped breastfeeding, so I thinking that’s the case this time, too. For now, I’ll try to enjoy the girls because I know in like 6 months they will deflate to within an inch of their life. 

(Oh, and please excuse the sweaty selfie. Mama didn’t have time to work out AND have a photoshoot for this blog post. Priorities.)


PS – Head to the bottom of the post for my favorite at home workouts!

Here are my 5 tips for losing the baby weight:

(It’s not magic, mamas. It’s work. But, I promise, it’s worth it.)

BREASTFEED (BUT DON’T USE IT AS AN EXCUSE TO EAT EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN) Breastfeeding burns like 500 calories every day. BUT. It also requires more calories so your body can miraculously make that liquid gold. Choose your calories wisely, and try not to use breastfeeding as an excuse to gorge on brownies and cake. (But, of course, sometimes you just have to eat brownies and cake. And that’s OK.)  (And no, this doesn’t mean that if you don’t breastfeed, you can’t lose the weight. My only experience has been with breastfeeding, so that’s what I know.)

PRIORITIZE SLEEP If you’re tired? You don’t want to work out, and it’s even more of a challenge to eat well. You can’t think straight. Life seems harder and the daily tasks of motherhood can quickly become overwhelming. In those early months, if you’re tired and you have to choose between a workout and a nap, choose a nap. The workouts will come with time. For now, get that rest. 

MAKE BEST FRIENDS WITH THE STROLLER In the first few months after I had Harper and before she was on a solid nap schedule, I struggled to find time to workout. That is, until I realized she was just going to have to come along with me. And so in the stroller she went, and I strolled. We walked miles every day those first few months, and even now I look back on that time and it makes my heart happy.

It takes awhile for workouts to become YOU time. For awhile, be okay with workouts being a time to bond with your babe, too. Solo workouts will come, I promise! 

BUY NEW WORKOUT CLOTHES Can you concentrate on reading that over my husband’s laughter? OK, before you roll your eyes, hear me out: you’ve been wearing the same clothes for the past 9 months. And you can’t get into your pre-baby workout clothes yet. So, splurge. Treat yo’self. Don’t go crazy, because these are just your interim clothes. You will feel better walking, running, doing yoga, in something that isn’t stained and worn out. Check out my go-to place for easy on the wallet workout duds here. Super inexpensive and CUTE! Bonus.

BE NICE TO YOURSELF Not to get all Stuart Smalley on you, but the way you talk to yourself affects everything. How you think, how you eat, how you act. All of it. If you eat brownies and cake one day, IT’S OK. Get back on the healthy horse tomorrow. Falling off of it is all a part of it. As long as you get back on, that’s what counts. 


This interval treadmill workout is amazing. I try to do it at least once a week.

Yoga With Adriene is by far the best at home yoga I’ve ever done. If you’re new to Yoga, start with her 30 Days of Yoga Challenge.

Any and all of the Tone It Up workouts.

I’ve read great reviews of this workout and can’t wait to try it this week!

Losing the baby weight
  1. Jen says:

    You look great! Awesome work … I know how hard that is. I carried an extra 10 pounds of baby weight for TWO years after having my last … I just made peace with it. I lost it (and more) when I got seriously ill this past spring and now I’m borderline unhealthy thin and trying to gain weight/muscle back. I’m definitely going to check out your yoga link – I’ve been looking for a good yoga video to get started with! Great tips – thank you!

    • suzanne says:

      Thank you, Jen! That means a lot. I’m so sorry you’ve been going through all of that. I hope you get some relief soon. And let me know what you think about the yoga videos. I did one this morning – they are so great!

  2. I totally agree! It’s so annoying when women are like, my body can look like crap cause I had a baby. Secretly those women want to look good they just don’t want to work for it. They want their 20 year old metabolism back. You are looking good and feel good which makes you a great mama. When you feel and look good about yourself you can be a better mom to your babies. ?

    • suzanne says:

      Haha. It is hard work but really SO worth it. And so true about being better moms when we feel good about ourselves! xo

  3. Buying new work out clothes is seriously such a key part of getting back into a fitness routine! Especially because we’re self conscious of the extra pounds. Helps to get pieces that make us feel powerful 🙂 You look amazing Suzanne.

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