Embroidered Chambray + 5 Ways I’ve Screwed Up At Motherhood This Week (So Far)

Looks, Mama

August 2, 2017

Because let’s just keep it real around these parts, k? (But first things first, let’s discuss my love for chambray, specifically embroidered chambray.) This embroidered chambray shirt was hands down one of my favorite purchases from the Nordstrom Sale. It’s a fun twist on the classic, but not so crazy that it’s going to be out of style next season. It runs true to size, but if you’re in between sizes, I would size up. I can’t stop tying knots in my shirts, and this one is no exception. 

And remember when I told you guys I was no longer afraid of white denim? This pair is on sale for less than $45! 

These mule slides are a fall must have and come in 3 different colors. The pink is the best seller, and there are still some sizes left! Also, the black pair are totally a Gucci dupe, if you ask me. 

Full disclosure: I totally had a handbag picked out for this look, but in true mom-brain form, I forgot it at home. Oops. And in case you’re wondering, I was recently sent this tote and I LOVE it. It’s so soft with the chicest details (oh, and it’s on sale.).

You guys.

Motherhood is hard enough without all of the pressure we put on ourselves, isn’t it? It’s easy to look at my Instagram feed or blog and assume that I’ve got it all together. I try to make sure you know that I DON’T, but just in case you’ve forgotten, I thought I would start sharing ways I’ve screwed up this whole motherhood gig. Most of them are small, but still. Please don’t feel like you’re the only one who screws up daily. I’m with you, mama. 

Head to the bottom of the post to see how I screwed it up this week…



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Embroidered chambray, white denim, mules, sunglasses


Embroidered chambray, white denim, mules, sunglasses
Embroidered chambray, white denim, mules, sunglasses
Embroidered chambray, white denim, mules, sunglasses
Embroidered chambray, white denim, mules, sunglasses
Embroidered chambray, white denim, mules, sunglasses


I forgot to pick up Harper’s backpack when I picked her up at camp and no one could find it. Oops.

I’ve screwed up Evy’s sleep training and need to start over again tonight. (Details coming soon. Accepting any and all prayers.)

I let Harper eat cheddar bunnies for dinner the other night. (At least they’re organic…?)

Harper spilled her milk in my car (first mistake was letting her have milk in the car, so this should totally count as two) and I can’t find it and now my car smells like spoiled milk. 

Evy may have listened to Marc Maron’s WTF podcast with me (featuring a whole lot of F-bombs).



  1. Melanie says:

    I think you are way too hard on yourself! At least they are fed and alive, that’s possibly not setting the bar high enough but hey being a Mum is hard! Ps. love the outfit xx

  2. If those are your worst mom fails you don’t want to hear mine! ? Love this look!!

  3. That’s a cute shirt. The embroidery is so unexpected. Love your hair too.

    ❥ tanvii.com

  4. Lauren says:

    This chambray shirt is amazing! I also love the those jeans and the raw edges on them!


  5. Love this outfit! I am also scared of white denim! I need to get over it though, those pants are so cute!

  6. TOTALLY loving this outfit so so much!

  7. AJ says:

    Chambray + White is one of my all time favorite combos. I should try those jeans, I tried on some at Old Navy this week that were totally see through!

  8. Sarah Jane says:

    Way cute outfit! I looove it and think maybe I need it… 😉 Thanks for the post. Also, I think you totally rocked mothering anyway – it’s hard work!

  9. Stacey says:

    Absolutely love this! You’re doing an amazing job and love the outfit!

  10. jessie james says:

    This is such cute look! and you aren’t even failing! I’m sure you are doing a killer job!

  11. this looks is perfect! classy and comfy in same time, I like!

  12. Paige says:

    The embroidery on that chambray is AMAZING! I have never seen a shirt like that before.

    And hey, I’m an adult (sort of) and I totally would eat those organic cheddar bunnies for dinner. Lucky Harper! 😉

    Paige | http://www.thedailypaigeblog.com

  13. Jen says:

    Love this look! I’m a true chambray fan too and actually wear it with my white denim regularly! Super cute. Thanks for sharing!

  14. As I was reading your list I was just like “yep… yep… done that… check!”

    lol I think the more we all talk about our mom failures the better! And I love your look!

  15. My daughter is almost 3 months and I have been so hard on myself. I’m learning that I am not alone in doing this. Us mommas rock and it is time to start believing that! Motherhood is a superpower and it was given to us ladies because we are strong enough to handle it all.

    On top of that, you look fabulous while doing it all.

  16. I loooove that shirt! The embroidery is SUPER cute!
    And don’t be so hard on yourself. Being a mom is HARD, and mistakes happen. 😉

  17. Roda Mohamed says:

    I love denim shirts (well denim anything) and those mules are beautiful, I’ve been meaning to buy a pair. You look so effortless in your pictures. Don’t be too hard on yourself, parenting can’t be easy x

  18. Your blog is amazing and I absolutely loved this post!!! That outfit is to die for and no worries on the mommy screw ups, no one is perfect girl!

  19. Carly says:

    Lol, those are basically all things I do on the daily! (re: motherhood f-ups)

    Love that top! Anything chambray and embroidered – sign me up!

  20. Mary says:

    such a cute embroidered shirt, love it!

  21. I really enjoyed reading your post, especially the end. You’re being a little hard on yourself-I’ve screwed up motherhood much worse! It is always reassuring for me to read that other people have parent struggles as well. You’re doing great!

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