Thankful at 27 Weeks


November 23, 2016

With each passing year, Thanksgiving means more to me than delicious food and pretty tablescapes. This year is the sweetest one yet. With my happy, growing family and my little bump at 27 weeks, I feel a deep gratitude I’m not sure I’ve ever felt.

My gratitude extends to you, my blogging family. So to you, I want to say THANK YOU. Thank you for supporting this mama’s dream of writing, playing dress up and sharing some of my most private fears and challenges. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to stop by my little corner of the web to leave a sweet comment, or to like a photo. It’s made my whole world sweeter.

With each passing week, I’m more and more excited to welcome another little girl into the fold. For some reason, this pregnancy hasn’t seemed real. Despite my growing bump (and booty), it has still felt like it was too good to be true. And while it still seems that way, it’s getting more real…

(And PS – the first Black Friday deals to hit the blog! I’ve linked my current fav maternity styles below…and they’re all 50% off! For real. If you’re in need of stylish duds for the bump, head to GAP and Old Navy today!)

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, sweet ones. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and feel extra loved.


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27 weeks pregnant

LIVING in these leggings

27 weeks pregnant

The softest sweatshirt EVER. Almost sold out…but still a few left! (And everything is 50% off!!)


My energy has been going down lately. I feel pretty tired throughout the day, but for some reason I can’t nap! AND I’ve been waking up super early. (It’s currently 4:53 am…)

 I started going to a barre class a month ago, and I love it. It’s hard to workout in a body that I’m not fully used to, but it feels SO good to move and make my muscles burn.


I can’t get enough cereal! Seriously, so much cereal. My stomach is getting pretty cramped so I can’t eat much at a meal. So, I’m pretty much snacking all day long. Also, give me ALL the corn bread. Thanks.


Lately I haven’t been able to stomach my favorite salad, which makes dinner choices harder since I normally eat it 2-3 times a week. Also still not a huge fan of meat.


The bump is so much bigger this time, it’s so weird! Yesterday someone asked me if I’m due in a couple of weeks. Ummm, no, but thanks for that… :/

I’m trying my best to focus on eating well, getting enough some rest, and letting my body do what it needs to do. As long as baby girl is healthy and growing, it’s all good.


I ordered the crib, dresser and nightstand last week! I was getting a little stressed about not getting them in time, so I just bit the bullet. Now to figure out where we’re going to put them once they’re delivered… We have SO many things to do to get ready – it’s going to be like musical rooms around here. Harper’s room is moving to the guest room, the guest room is moving to my office and my office is moving downstairs. Soooo…yeah. A whole lot to do with not a whole lot of time to do it.

I’ll be sharing a nursery reveal on here when the time comes…

Maternity Favorites for the 2nd Trimester

(ALL 50% OFF!)

Find more bits about motherhood and gratitude here!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! You look wonderful in your maternity clothes & I like your sweater picks!!!!

  2. You are one gorgeous mama! Happy thanksgiving!

  3. Mamaguru says:

    Oh congrats! It’s so exciting as your due date gets closer.

  4. Amaris says:

    You are all sorts of beautiful.
    Xoxo, Amaris // http://www.crumbsandglamour.com

  5. He Maloney says:

    Hi Darling!

    Love your style and attitude- million thanks for sharing your thoughts and inspiration! I’m currently 20 weeks with #2 – it is going quick! You are a source of fab maternity fashion, so grateful! Also, echo on maternity jeans. When I slipped back into them I thought why do I ever wear any other jean?!?!?

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