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5 Mistakes I’ll Make With My Second Baby

When I had Harper, I was clueless. I had absolutely no idea about how or even where to begin to raise a child. I had never changed a diaper in my life. I could count on one finger how many times I had held a baby.

Very early on in those foggy newborn days, I resorted to Google. I became obsessed with finding the “right” way. I needed answers and was convinced that little handheld wonder could teach me how

How Scout (kind of) Prepared Me for Motherhood

Dogs and babies. They’re kind of the same thing, right?

Umm, nope. That’s just what I used to think, before I had a baby. Take pretty much everything a dog provides and multiply that by 100 and you’ve got the baby. The tough stuff, but the love, too (don’t tell Scout I said that, please).

Scouter has been with me since he was 10 weeks old. He just turned 12. That’s a long time (my longest relationship, actually). There are

My Baby Went on Strike

Last weekend, my mom, baby girl, and I traveled to New Hampshire to visit my brother and his family. His daughter, June, was born just 7 weeks before Harper, and it was the second time we’d been able to get them together. I had planned on writing about their overall adorableness and the plain ol’ joy of seeing them play together and grow. But, as she often does, Harper had other plans.

I’ve been nursing Harper since she was born.

Casual in the Northeast

Harper, my mom and I just returned from a trip to New Hampshire to visit my brother and his family. His daughter, June, was born 7 weeks before my baby girl. It’s so wonderful to be able to witness the beginning of a lifelong relationship.

To Grandma’s House We Go…

My baby girl learned to clap her hands today. It seemed to come out of nowhere; although, I’m sure she had been soaking it all in and her little wheels had been turning and focusing on it for longer than I realize. I’m learning that’s generally how these things work. One morning she can’t roll over, and that afternoon she’s a rolling pro.