Happy Monday, friends.Thinking about everyone who has been and is currently affected by Hurricane Irma and sending a whole lot of love your way. 

You guys. Normally, I’m a rule follower. I really don’t like getting in trouble and will follow all the rules. 

But, what about that one silly little fashion rule? You know, the one about not wearing white after Labor Day? Ummm, says who? No, really. Who came up with that one? 

Now that I have found the perfect pair of white denim and welcomed them into my home, you can bet your sweet bottom that I’m not going to limit them to summer. They’re just way too cute to be stuffed into a drawer for 8 months out of the year. I can’t do that to them. It wouldn’t be fair. 

The easiest way to transition your white denim from summer to fall? Throw on a chunky sweater. Mine is almost sold out, but I also LOVE this one. It comes in so many colors, you can’t go wrong. I love the tunic length, too. 

Another easy way to fall up your white denim?

These boots. I picked them up at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and couldn’t wait to wear them. I’d actually been hesitant to try the over-the-knee boot trend last year. I just kept thinking about Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, and that’s not really a look that’s welcome in mom circles, if you know what I mean.

But, you guys. This pair is pretty much perfect. They’re flat, so they’re comfy. This color goes with everything. You’ll be seeing them on here a whole lot. 

Thanks for stopping by, friends… Time for the coffee now.



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