A Family Of Four

We had Ev’s newborn pictures taken about 3 weeks ago. Thankfully, we were able to get some family photos taken, too. 

While I try to schedule family photos for each big life event, I didn’t get any taken during this pregnancy. Really, I felt giant and uncomfortable for most of it, so I really didn’t feel like getting all fancy and striking a pose in front of the camera. (Hence the reason there weren’t many outfit posts on the blog!)

And honestly, every time I schedule family photos, I dread the day. I try to think of any reason to cancel. 

This day, in particular, was a tough one. Still in my maternity jeans with a closet full of clothes that don’t fit yet. Humongous nursing boobs that I’m definitely not used to… I just wanted to hide. 

But, I didn’t hide. We went through with it and now we have these gorgeous photos to commemorate our first weeks as a family of four. 

A huge thank you to Abigail Joyce Photography! If you’re in the Chicago area and want family photos taken, you definitely need to check her out.

I’m still working on finishing the nursery, but here is a part of it! Also, I’ve linked a lot of the items in the widget below. More coming soon… 🙂


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  • Amy Scott

    OMG that second pic! She’s such a sweetie!

  • Liz

    Great photos, especially the second one! I love the little hand sticking up from the swaddling 🙂

  • Jeeyoung

    Awww sweet photos of a lovely family! You look amazing mama and Your girls are adorable!

  • Cindy Ingalls

    Your pictures are so sweet!

  • Jessie Mullins

    This are so sweet! What a beautiful family and photography.

  • Yofi Photography

    This is too cute! I love all the love in these photos. 🙂