The Perfect Blazer + My One Regret

Happy Wednesday, sweet friends!

No, buying this blazer isn’t my one regret. That’s actually been a solid life decision, if I do say so myself. (And, I do.) I’ll talk about the blazer in a second, but first….

I can say that in my life, I have only one regret. I think that’s pretty good, considering I’ve been on this planet for more than 3 decades, don’t you?

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve screwed up a whole bunch of times.

5 Things: What I’m Wearing + What I’m Wanting

Happy Monday, friends, and Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Lately, I’ve been sharing my #ootd over on Facebook and my Instagram Stories, and I’m so glad you guys are loving it! It’s a fun way for me not only to stay connected to you, but to have a reason to get dressed. Because let’s be honest, most days I could just wear the same leggings and sweatshirt. #momlife

There is snow on the ground in Chicagoland and it’s

The Sweet Edit | No. 21

Happy Friday, sweet friends! 

Today’s Sweet Edit is all about fitness. Because it’s a new year and doesn’t everyone want to reset? Even if your goal isn’t weight loss, getting up and moving does the soul a whole lot of good. (And new workout clothes don’t hurt, either.)

While some days it feels impossible to find the time to fit in a workout, I try to move every single day. But some days, like yesterday when I was up all

My Winter Skin Essentials

Happy Wednesday, sweet friends! There has been a heat wave in Chicago this week. It was 37 degrees today and I almost pulled out my shorts. (Kidding. Kind of.) Anyway, back to reality and the dead of winter. So, let’s talk winter skin essentials, shall we?

As you may remember, my new year’s resolution is self care and most of the time, that comes in the form of one these products. These are the small ways I can feel like

Baby Girl: 11 Month Update

Happy new week, sweet friends!

Really? How can it be that it’s already time for baby girl’s 11 month update? (Yes, I skipped her 10 month update last month. Maybe in the hopes that it would pause time, but apparently she didn’t get the memo because she just went right on growing. Little turkey.)

It’s getting tough to take these monthly photos. Baby girl is never not ready to explore everything around her and will try just about anything to