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THE GIFT GUIDE: For The Little Ones

It’s here! The gift guide for our little ones.

Fun fact: When it comes to Christmas presents, men tend to splurge on their wives, while wives splurge on the kids.

Although, come on. I think that’s an unfair assessment, since wives are most likely the ones doing most (if not all) of the Christmas shopping, except for themselves. (Did that make sense to anyone other than me?) 

OK, back on track. 

The little ones are the most fun to shop

Friday Favorites: Father’s Day Gift Guide

Happy Friday! Father’s Day is so close, I can almost smell the new spicy colognes and leather wallets. Today, I’m bringing you my Father’s Day Gift Guide. Because I needed another excuse to do some online shopping.

Sometimes the guys get overlooked. We get flowers and diamonds and chocolate. And since guys generally don’t love getting flowers, here are my top picks for the Mister this year.  

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂