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Blooms + Ripped Knees

I’m all about comfort. Give me a comfy tee + jeans over a dress any day, and I’m a happy girl. And lately, even though the temps haven’t been so spring-like in Chicago, I’m definitely ready to lose the layers and dress for spring. Blooms + Ripped knees to the rescue.

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I Get By With A Little Help From My Mama Tribe

Ahh, the Mama Tribe (otherwise known as my Mama Lifeline).

I met the first members of my Mama Tribe when my baby girl was 8 weeks old. We had all signed up for a New Mother’s group at a local breastfeeding store. I was terrified that first day, and it turns out they were, too. We quickly got acquainted and spent the next 2 months sharing the nitty gritty, intimate details of motherhood. There was a whole lot of understanding