5 Month Postpartum Fitness Update

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February 24, 2020

Eeeek. This is my first postpartum fitness post. Last time around, I shared earlier. Way earlier.

This morning as I was writing this post, I wondered why it took me so long to share my fitness journey this time. Why had I waited until now?

First, obviously, is the logical reason: so many kids, so little time. I can make the time to work out, but making the time to write about working out isn’t as easy as it was before.

But that’s not the only reason, and I knew it.

I haven’t shared a postpartum fitness update until now because this time, after my third baby, getting back into shape is DAMN HARD. Like, physically the hardest thing I’ve done. (Well, second only to my last pregnancy.)

I’ve always been real with you guys. Relentlessly real. And I wish I would’ve shared my postpartum fitness journey sooner.

I should’ve shared the struggle with you.

I should have shared my first postpartum workout, when my feet weighed 100 pounds and my lungs felt like they were filled with thick…goo.

I should have shared the Shred workouts, when my ending warm up pace was just above a fast walk and my fast pace was where I used to start.

I should have shared the sluggish miles. The utter defeat I felt after a workout I used to be able to rock. The blood, sweat and actual tears.

Please know…especially if you’re right in the thick of postpartum…that THIS IS NOT EASY.

It’s HARD.

At times, it can be soul-crushingly hard and you might feel like you will never again be swift and strong.

You CAN.


Even after those brutal first few months back, I kept going. One foot in front of the other. One workout after the next. One mile down, another one to go.

Slowly, I started feeling stronger. Lighter. Faster.

Please know this isn’t about the number on a scale or the pace on a treadmill. This isn’t about losing weight.

It’s about getting back to ME. And for you, I’m guessing it’s about getting back to YOU.

There are people who can fully embrace their post-baby bodies and welcome their new curves.

I am not those people.

And it’s OK it you’re not those people either. It’s OK to want to recognize yourself again and to crave feeling like yourself after 9+ months of being uncomfortable in your growing body.

I’ll be sharing more about postpartum fitness from now on. I will share my struggles, my wins and my progress. I hope you follow along. We’re in this together, mamas…


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This is the first postpartum fitness post of my third pregnancy and I'm sharing my struggles of physically and mentally bouncing back.
Snapped this pic yesterday morning after a rare Sunday morning Shred sesh.

I started going to my favorite workout class, Shred 415, at 6 weeks postpartum. I went throughout my pregnancy until 32 weeks, so I felt comfortable starting again as soon as I was cleared by my Dr.

I recently discovered the Peloton app, and I’m hooked. We have the Peloton bike, but I don’t like cycling, so it was never really my thing. I LOVE the app because it has running, bootcamps and yoga that you can do wherever, so it’s the perfect at-home workout solution. (No, this isn’t sponsored. I just really love it.) You don’t need a Peloton bike or treadmill to use the app!

MONDAY – Shred 415 (60 mins HIIT/treadmill workout)

TUESDAY – Peloton app running workout

WEDNESDAY – Peloton app bootcamp workout

THURSDAY – Shred 415 (60 mins HIIT/treadmill workout)

FRIDAY – yoga or light running workout

SATURDAY – Shred 415 (60 mins HIIT/treadmill workout)

SUNDAY – rest


  • START SLOW. Like, slower than you think you need to.
  • BE KIND TO YOUR BODY. You just grew a new person inside of you. Give yourself time to get moving.
  • LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. New things are going to hurt. My hips have been sensitive this time, and there’s a strange new pelvic soreness, too. If you hurt, stop.
  • STRETCH. STRETCH. STRETCH. Incorporate yoga into your routine, but be careful and don’t overdo it.
  • GET NEW WORKOUT GEAR. Yes, go shopping. For two reasons: There’s nothing more motivating than new workout clothes. And, there’s not much more un-motivating than trying to fit into your pre-baby workout clothes. (JUST DON’T DO IT.)
  • TAKE PROGRESS PICS. We just don’t see our progress day to day. We’re too close to it. Pictures help me see how far I’ve really come.



This is the first postpartum fitness post of my third pregnancy and I'm sharing my struggles of physically and mentally bouncing back.

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  1. Russ says:

    You go babe! I see you. You’re an inspiration.

  2. b says:

    it is incredibly hard to get that body back. after two kids, i do feel like i’m the healthiest i’ve ever been.. but man it’s a lot of freaking work. i’ve been sidelined for two weeks now, and i’m itching to get back into my workouts (indoor rowing machine). i notice an incredible change for the better when i get my workouts in, i row 20-30 min a night once the kids (5 & 2) go down, while my husband and i watch our shows together. working out makes me feel better physically and mentally. — thank you for posting your journey!.. it sucks, but it is totally worth it to feel good!


    • suzanne says:

      I love this! I hope you get better soon – I know what a difference a good workout can make. It helps my mood tremendously, too! Thanks for your support, b!

  3. Kari says:

    Thank you for this. I just recently found your instagram and blog and love it! I had my 2nd baby (8 years apart from my 1st) last year and I cannot seem to get back into a fitness routine! Plus I’m really struggling with how my body looks. I WANT to be okay with it (all the body positivity). I’m PROUD that it carried and delivered two babies. But I don’t feel like me and it was good to hear someone being true about feeling this way b/c I was feeling bad that I didn’t feel better about myself. Like my body positivity wasn’t good enough. Thanks for the real and the raw!

    • suzanne says:

      Congrats, mama! And yes, I totally understand. I try to remember it’s possible to be PROUD of my body for what it’s given me and also want to be GOOD to it by working out and getting in shape. Hang in there! XO

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