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Winter Style: Corduroys Are Cool Again

Happy New Year, friends! Did you totally party it up and ring in the new year in style? Me, too. (In my pajamas and asleep by 11pm.)

The first style post of 2018! And with it, I’m bringing you something that I used to rock in 1986. Except this time, they’re not red and like 4 inches too short. Oh, and it doesn’t feel like you’re going to start a fire from friction when you walk. Which is a bonus. 

Winter Style: Fair {Isle} Game

It was cold this weekend. So cold. But, it snowed and made everything look pretty again, so I can’t be too mad at it. And I got to wear some of my favorite winter style duds, so that’s NICE. We got outside with baby girl and she totally loved playing in the snow. 

Even though we are all dreaming of spring, summer and all of the cute clothes to come, now is the perfect time to stock up on winter