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The Sweet Edit | No. 12

Now that Halloween is over, does that mean we can bring out all the red and green? I’m SO ready. I’m proudly that girl who blasts Christmas tunes as soon as we turn the page to November. 

The blog was a bit quiet this week because, well…where do I start? It started Sunday. I was at a dear friend’s baby shower and started to feel pretty awful. So, I scooped up Evy and we headed home, where I promptly collapsed

The Sweet Edit | No. 11

I know! This post is like 14 hours late. What can I say? I’ve been busy raising those two little wonderful people, y’all.

I swear, the weeks just keep going by faster and faster. I can’t believe it’s almost Halloween. All of our costumes have arrived and I can’t wait to share some pictures next week. 

OK, it’s a short and sweet one. Have a great weekend, sweet friends. 

Let’s meet back here on Monday, OK?


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The Sweet Edit | No. 9

Hi friends! We are back from the beach with tan tootsies and full hearts. It was such a relaxing trip! (I mean, as much as you can relax with 2 kiddos, but whatevs. You know what I mean.) I’ll be sharing more about it on here next week, so stay tuned! 

Short and sweet today. I’m off to enjoy more coffee and attempt to unpack 4 suitcases. Cheers! 


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I finished my last book and

The Sweet Edit | No. 8

Happy Friday, friends! 

This is called the Sweet Edit because I want to share the things I’ve loving with you each week. Those things that make life sweeter.

This week is a little bit different, because I’m sharing one thing I did NOT love. In fact, I pretty much hated it…

But, just so we don’t go into the weekend on a sour note, I’ve also included those things I’m loving. Because love still trumps hate. Right..?

Also, if your

The Sweet Edit | No. 7

Because who doesn’t love a baby in a cofee mug?  (Nobody.)

On another note, I’m so glad you guys are loving The Sweet Edit. It’s been fun for me to take note of the random things I’m loving or eating or listening to throughout the week and try to remember to share them with you guys on Friday. (Which, let’s be honest, I probs successfully remember like 1/3 of the things, but still. I try.)

And BTW, how is it