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The Sweet Edit | No. 3

I am currently drinking coffee, snacking on malted milk eggs and watching baby girl sleep. Pretty sweet way to start the day, right? 

My hope for The Sweet Edit is that you’ll enjoy it in the sleepy, early hours of the morning over a cup of joe and something sweet. (Or healthy, but The Healthy Edit doesn’t sound nearly as cute.)

So, are you?? Go get something sweet! Hurry…

Thanks for taking time to stop by, sweet ones. 



The Sweet Edit | No. 2

Another Friday, and another Sweet Edit!

So glad I started this series because there has been ZERO time for me to sit down and write a whole blog post, and I can’t even think about a photoshoot right now…so this is perfect. 

It’s short + sweet this week – I will get back on track with posts soon(ish) 🙂


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I’m slowly getting back into the healthy groove again. Can anyone else eat the same

The Sweet Edit | No. 1

It’s me again! 2 posts in one week. I almost can’t believe it. 

The Sweet Edit is a new series where I’ll share those things I’m loving lately, my favorite finds from the week, any great sales going on and end with some gratitude. Because being thankful is always in style. I’ll also include little life updates and anything else that comes into this mama brain. 

I’d love to hear about what you guys want me in include – let