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Instagram-Worthy Pool Floats

These days, it’s all about Instagram. (Ok, maybe it’s not ALL about Instagram. But at least like 83.4% of it is about Instagram.) And now, thanks to some super cute pool floats, even your pool can be Instagram ready.

4th of July weekend means summer is in full swing. It means pool parties, BBQs and fireworks. Since we’ve had Harper, these days we generally keep it low key on holidays. We don’t have huge plans, but will certainly be spending


Nothing says ‘I’m not ready for summer to end’ quite like a head to toe white look. And no, you don’t need to reserve your all white looks for those White Parties (do they still have those?).

While I’m definitely looking forward to fall and all things cozy and plaid, I love a crisp summer look and have been taking advantage of these hot hot summer days. I don’t wear much white day to day anymore (baby), but this look