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Nothing says ‘I’m not ready for summer to end’ quite like a head to toe white look. And no, you don’t need to reserve your all white looks for those White Parties (do they still have those?).

While I’m definitely looking forward to fall and all things cozy and plaid, I love a crisp summer look and have been taking advantage of these hot hot summer days. I don’t wear much white day to day anymore (baby), but this look

Birthday Dinner LBD

You guys. I’m pretty happy. I’ve managed to pack so many of my favorite items into one little summer outfit. (I know, you’re as excited as I am.) I wore this to my birthday dinner with a friend last week, and I can’t wait to wear it all again.

Can we just fast forward to the SHOES??  Seriously, I had been drooling over these babies from afar all summer. I finally bit the bullet not too long ago, and I

Neutral Ground

Anyway, enough about everything else and back to my love affair with all things neutral. I can’t get enough. Cream sweaters have already taken over my closet and are threatening to take over the house (just ask my husband).  This is a new one I picked up (and gave you the heads up to do the same here, remember??). I love the details, and how it makes what would otherwise be an ordinary outfit feel special.

Also, you can bet

NOLA nights

We had such an amazing time in NOLA! I had never been there before, and I’ve always wanted to see what all the buzz is about.  I’m glad I can cross it off my list. The wedding was spectacular, and it was wonderful bonding time for my husband and me. We missed the babe like crazy, though! Home is definitely where the heart is.

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Stepping out: REISS black tee, JCrew Factory necklace (old), similar here, Jane Basch ‘h’ necklace