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Fitness Friday: Yoga, you had me at Om.

I can still remember my first yoga class. I was in high school and went with my mom. The class was held in the basement of a hospital and the surroundings were anything but relaxing, but I can clearly remember feeling peaceful and at ease while I concentrated on learning poses I had never heard of before. It was like a fascinating new world. I was instantly hooked, and I wanted more.

Fitness Friday: Post Baby Body & Tone It Up

As a stay at home mama, it is beyond difficult finding time to work out. It’s almost as difficult as getting your babe to ________ (fill in the blank: sleep through the night/take a bottle/nap/take a pacifier/stop eating the carpet). And going to the gym is practically impossible.

Enter: Tone It Up. I remember watching the Bravo series, Toned Up, last January when I was newly pregnant and completely sick. I would watch Karena and Katrina, with their beautifully