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Classic Fall Layers

Happy Monday! (How is it already Monday?!)

While the weather in Chicago is still a bit warm, I’m not letting that stop me from breaking out my fall layers. And when it comes to fall layers, the cardigan is the star of the show. I picked up this one last week on a quick (SOLO!) shopping trip. I instantly fell in love with the length, the softness, and the price. And I love that I can wear it through this

Hat Trick: Mama Style

I don’t wear hats nearly enough. And truly, a hat should be a mama’s best friend. No time to wash my hair? Hat to the rescue. Oh, and to make it even better, this one is only $20. Major life win.

I’ve also decided I don’t wear ponchos enough (I’ve been super busy having a lot of deep thoughts about my life over here.).  So easy, so comfortable, so chic. And when the weather can’t decide if it’s Fall or

In The Forest

How is it already Wednesday?!

We went to get our Christmas tree on Friday. Let me just say: thank God for family! Since it was so cold and windy out, the men (the Mister, his brother and our nephews) went trekking into the forest to chop down the perfect tree, while my mom, sister-in-law, Harper and I waited in the cozy building, all while sipping on hot chocolate and eating donuts. Life is tough.

The guys did such a great

Close To The Vest

My heart has been heavy since learning of the terror attacks in Paris on Friday. Paris has always been special to me, and was the sole reason I started studying French in 7th grade. My heart hurts as a mother and a daughter. As a wife and a sister. I’m sending prayers to everyone in the magical city.

As it tends to do, fashion has provided some comfort and distraction…

If anything has made me wish for colder temps, it’s

Skate Away

I tried to ice skate. Once. I was horrible And because I’m pretty attached to all of my teeth, I haven’t ever tried again. I guess that means this skater dress is the closest I will get, and I’m totally ok with that (especially since I picked it up at Nordstrom for less than $30).

A skater dress is super flattering and easy to dress up or down, depending on the accessories. As you might know, I’m in the