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Dressing Room Diaries: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I’m not going to lie. I took these photos mostly to prove that I WAS ALONE IN A DRESSING ROOM. No crying baby. No whining toddler. It was glorious. The fact that it’s the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale was kind of just the icing on the cake. 😉

It was a whirlwind try-on session, but I found some super cute things and wanted to share! I’m including fit notes underneath each photo, along with what I purchased (so far).

I’m in

Dressing Room Diaries: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

How is it Monday already?! The weekend flew by. I did, however, carve out a little time to head to Nordstrom to check out the Anniversary Sale goodies and take some photos of my Dressing Room Diaries. You guys. This sale is SO GOOD.

While I’m not quite ready for fall yet, the sale did get me thinking about what I’d like to add to my closet for when the time comes. As you know by now, I tend to