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Baby, It’s Bright Outside

What can I say?

My love affair with neutrals continues into 2016 (and well beyond, I’m sure). Not to mention my love for anything and everything comfy and cozy.

I’m going to live in this sweater dress. I’ve found a way to look put together, but still be able to play on the floor with baby girl and look cute at the same time. AND, it’s on sale.

This (amazing) scarf was a Christmas gift to me from one of

Hat Trick: Mama Style

I don’t wear hats nearly enough. And truly, a hat should be a mama’s best friend. No time to wash my hair? Hat to the rescue. Oh, and to make it even better, this one is only $20. Major life win.

I’ve also decided I don’t wear ponchos enough (I’ve been super busy having a lot of deep thoughts about my life over here.).  So easy, so comfortable, so chic. And when the weather can’t decide if it’s Fall or