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Thank You.

Bear with me. I’ve been pretty emotional lately, so this post may be a bit sappy (I know, shocker.)

This is my thank you to my village. To those who have helped me through the past year, which has been the most challenging and rewarding of my entire life.

Here goes…

To my husband: Thank you simply doesn’t cut it. Seeing you with our daughter fills me with the greatest joy I’ve ever known. Thank you for teaching me

10 Things I’ve Learned Being a Stay At Home Mama

Consider this the year-end review of my new job. I’ve learned quite a few things in the past year of being a Stay At Home Mama (SAHM). Here are the top 10:

1. We really need to figure out a different name. Do I spend my days staying at home? Nope. So really the only accurate thing about being a ‘SAHM’ is the mama part. Can we rename it Mama CEO, or Director of Motherfication? (I’m open to suggestions.) 

My Baby Went on Strike

Last weekend, my mom, baby girl, and I traveled to New Hampshire to visit my brother and his family. His daughter, June, was born just 7 weeks before Harper, and it was the second time we’d been able to get them together. I had planned on writing about their overall adorableness and the plain ol’ joy of seeing them play together and grow. But, as she often does, Harper had other plans.

I’ve been nursing Harper since she was born.

To Grandma’s House We Go…

My baby girl learned to clap her hands today. It seemed to come out of nowhere; although, I’m sure she had been soaking it all in and her little wheels had been turning and focusing on it for longer than I realize. I’m learning that’s generally how these things work. One morning she can’t roll over, and that afternoon she’s a rolling pro.