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Sunshine + Eyelet

I hope you a wonderful long holiday weekend! I was in Wisconsin visiting my family. It was so nice to unplug and recharge for a couple of days. But of course, I did set aside just enough time to take some photos and pose in this eyelet top. 😉

I bought this top a couple of weeks ago, and I was so excited when the weather was finally warm enough to wear it. It is a bit of a

5 Summer Essentials (That Won’t Go Out Of Style)

When it comes to style, sometimes things can get complicated. So many trends, so little time. That’s why when it really comes down to it, I like to start with the essentials. And since it was 87 degrees in Chicago yesterday, it’s time to talk summer.

When it comes to summer essentials, some things are worth a splurge. I recently splurged on these sunnies, and I LOVE them. (And I haven’t even lost them yet…) But, you also know

My Mom

Taking a break from my normal Friday Favorites because Mother’s Day is Sunday, so obviously it’s fitting that this is a Mother’s Day post.

But you guys, there’s a problem.

I just can’t write about my mom. I just can’t. I don’t know how to put all the right words in the right order to accurately describe who my mom is. 

Actually, that’s not true.

I can tell you who she is. (Remember when I tried, here?) I can