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No Bake Chocolate Chip Energy Balls

Energy balls. That’s funny, right? (My husband is going to have a field day with this one.)

If there’s one thing I need in my life, it’s good food that I can grab and go. After I had Evy, I got into the bad habit of grabbing store bought granola bars. Not only did they NOT fill me up, but they made me feel like crap. Maybe it was all of that processed nonsense that has zero nutritional value and

My Kind Of Eats: Cheddar + Apple Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

I shared these Cheddar + Apple Oatmeal Raisin cookies over a year ago, but it’s starting to feel like fall and that always makes me want to cozy up and bake, I thought I would dust the post off and share this delicious recipe again! 

My mom used to make these oatmeal raisin cookies a lot when I was little. I’m pretty sure she considered them a health food since they don’t have a lot of sugar. (Don’t mind the

Best Of 2016: Recipes

The BEST OF 2016 series continues! This time, it’s all about the delicious recipes that I totally can’t take credit for, because most of them have been in my family for a generation or two. 

(I mean, who are we kidding. This is just an excuse for this pregnant lady to look at photos of food and get to bakin’. Because I’m never not hungry these days.)

I try to keep it a good balance of healthy recipes, with something

A Christmas Favorite: Cranberry Orange Bread

Another family favorite from my childhood! My grandma used to make this cranberry orange bread every Christmas, and my mom has carried on the tradition. Now that our little family is under way, it’s my turn. Because it’s just not the holidays without this delicious bread.

Lately, I’ve decided that while I love to cook, I enjoy baking even more. Maybe it’s the whole Third Trimester of pregnancy nesting thing, but I’ve been finding myself wanting to cozy up with

Simple Oat + Raisin Scones

Another family favorite, and a perfect Thanksgiving morning breakfast. My mom used to make these oat and raisin scones when I was growing up, and whenever she makes them now I am instantly transported to the days of footie pajamas and carefree mornings.

As soon as I had a child, I knew I wanted to start traditions. Little things that she could count on in her home life. Things that make her feel safe and loved. Baking these scones on