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Baby Girl: 11 Month Update

Happy new week, sweet friends!

Really? How can it be that it’s already time for baby girl’s 11 month update? (Yes, I skipped her 10 month update last month. Maybe in the hopes that it would pause time, but apparently she didn’t get the memo because she just went right on growing. Little turkey.)

It’s getting tough to take these monthly photos. Baby girl is never not ready to explore everything around her and will try just about anything to

The 5 Most Popular Posts of 2017

Hi, friends. It’s here. The last day of 2017. While this year was more bitter than sweet out in the real world, in our home it was all sweet.

This year brought us our baby girl and taught me that my heart could grow more than I could ever imagine. It taught me that happiness was tonight and a small moment that if I wasn’t careful, could pass me by. It was my husband and me, sitting at the kitchen

Parkas, Poms + Parenting Fails

Hi friends! Can we take a quick 5 minute break from Christmas joy to talk about something?

I’ll get to the parkas and poms in a second, but first up: parenting fails. 

My girl is 3 years old and…WHOA. Three is hard, you guys.

Why do people always talk about the Terrible Twos? Why not the Traumatic Threes?  Sure, they call them “threenagers,” but c’mon. That just doesn’t cut it.  

If I’m going to be completely honest (and I am

Groupon BeautyNow: A Busy Mama’s Best Friend (+ A Giveaway!!)

This post has been sponsored by Groupon; as always, all opinions are entirely my own.

Well, you guys. I did it. I finally got my eyebrows done. 

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I haven’t had them done in…oh, about 3 years.

Yikes. Why so long? 

You know those two pretty adorable little people who sometimes make an appearance on the blog? Well, they require kind of a whole lot. Like, all the time. I mean, they want

Mama Life: Baby Girl 9 Month Update

Oh, you guys. Insert all of the cliche mama feelings about time passing too quickly and not believing that my baby is already 9 months old and wishing I could pause it all for a second or two. Because it’s true. And then some. 

It’s so funny how quickly things happen with the second child. I swear, the first year of Harper’s life felt sooooooo long. Maybe it was because I was freaked out all the damn time, but the