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A Blanket Scarf + My 5 Current Beauty Favorites

Happy Wednesday, sweet friends!

Have we recovered from the Black Friday and Cyber Monday craziness yet? I swear, I don’t want to see another sale for a LONG time. (HA. That was funny and the best joke I’ve told all day.)

Can we talk about cozy things now? K, thanks.

I picked up this blanket scarf last month and I’ve been wearing it a whole lot since then. AND, it’s 2 in one, so that pretty much means it’s half

The COZIEST Sweater + The BEST Black Friday Sales!

Happy Black Friday! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with good food, loving family and a whole lot of gratitude. Now…it’s time to shop. 

You guys…they’re good.

This sweater can be worn as a sweater dress or, if you’re a mom of two, with jeans. It’s super duper cozy and you’ll probs want to wear it all winter long. And, it’s on sale. 

I’ve been LIVING in these jeans, and they’re a part of a Buy More,

What To Wear (And What Not To Wear) For Thanksgiving

Happy Wednesday, friends!

You guys. Thanksgiving has totally snuck up on me this year.

And you should know I’m totally patting myself on the back for having put some thought into my Thanksgiving #ootd, because I can’t say I’ve done that for the menu. Eeeeek. It’s not like we’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner at our home this year. (We are.)

While I was thinking about what I should wear, a lot of options came to mind. Comfort is always key for

Mom Jeans, Mules + Mastitis

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Mastitis sucks, right? (Oops. I mean: Happy Monday!) I’ve been hit with it 3 times with Evy and once with Harper and if you’ve never had it, count your sweet stars because WHOA. 

The last time I had it, I reached out to my mama tribe for some home remedies and some ideas to help prevent it. And as always, they came through. I’m sharing them at the bottom of the post in case you’ve

Fall Style Dupes: Love That? Get This.

Happy Thursday! I’ve been wanting to share some of my favorite fall style dupes with you guys. Because who doesn’t love a good deal? (No one.)

I’m highly allergic to paying full price for things. If you’ve been around here for awhile, you know that while I’ll splurge on handbags and shoes, I love finding a good deal. Why pay more when you can find an amazing dupe for much, much less?

This will be a new series on the