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Fall Style: The Scarf That’s Breaking The Internet

It’s like it was meant to be. 

This scarf magically arrived on my doorstep yesterday. (And by magically, I mean: I went to the website, found the scarf, chose what color I wanted, clicked on it to put it in my shopping bag, gave the nice website my credit card number and voila. 4 days later it showed up. If that’s not magic, I don’t know what is.)

And now, my toddler is napping which means I can put

Hunter Boots + Why I Shaved My Face

It’s true. And I’m totally hooked. But first, let’s talk about my Hunter boots and a fall outfit I could wear for the rest of my days and be totally content. 

Remember when I bought my Hunter boots a couple of years ago? I shared how much of a style departure it was for me to go with red. Look in my closet and you will see an embarrassing amount of….neutrals. (I know. You’re totally shocked.)

And while they’re still

The Dress That Went Viral (+ Put My Blog On The Map)

So…I know last week I said I would start including motherhood thoughts and ramblings with my style posts, but this dress deserves a post of its own. Let me explain…

You might remember this post from last fall, when I was in my second trimester with baby girl and sharing my new favorite dress. I had recently ordered it, and while I was skeptical it would fit in all the right places and flatter my growing bump (and

The Coziest Tunic For Fall (And Thoughts On Being Superficial + Materialistic)

Happy October, friends! (How the heck did that happen? Isn’t it still last fall?) Today I’m bringing you the coziest tunic in all the land.

But first, can we talk about something for a second…?

You guys know I love fashion. I like to share my latest finds with you. I like to show you how to style a certain item. I enjoy the challenge of converting trends to every day mama life. 


Sometimes, talking about clothes and

The Sweet Edit | No. 7

Because who doesn’t love a baby in a cofee mug?  (Nobody.)

On another note, I’m so glad you guys are loving The Sweet Edit. It’s been fun for me to take note of the random things I’m loving or eating or listening to throughout the week and try to remember to share them with you guys on Friday. (Which, let’s be honest, I probs successfully remember like 1/3 of the things, but still. I try.)

And BTW, how is it