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The 7 Pairs Of Jeans Every Woman Should Own

It’s all about good jeans, baby. 

Fun fact: when I started working at Bloomingdale’s Lenox in Atlanta allllll those years ago in 2004, I started on the sales floor as a “Denim Specialist.” Sounds fancy, doesn’t it? While I sold everything, denim was my focus, and I took it very seriously. I tried on every pair (and bought a whole lot of them, too).

So I guess you could say that’s where my love affair with denim began. Take a

What’s In My Suitcase: Beach Vacation

Hi, friends! Happy Friday! I did a poll on my Instagram Stories asking if you’d like to see a “What’s In My Suitcase” post for our upcoming beach vacation, and an overwhelming majority of you voted yes! 

This is the majority of what I’m bringing to the beach. Although, I am a notorious over-packer, so chances are I will add at least 72 pieces (that I won’t end up wearing) at the last minute. 

I like to roll my clothes

Athleisure + Thoughts On Having Another Baby

Happy Monday, sweet friends. 

No, I’m not pregnant. So, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way….

I’ve always thought I would have 2 kids. I never even considered having 3. As a little girl growing up, when I would dream of my future family, I saw 2 kiddos. That was most likely because I have one brother. My mom talks about knowing she was done after me. (Save the best for last, I suppose.)

My husband has always

An Honest Review Of SHEIN + Shopping Tips

(This post contains affiliated links.)

Finally! I’ve had so many questions about SHEIN and requests to review it, and I’ve finally done it. Shopping is so hard, right? #lies Today I’m bringing you an honest review of SHEIN, along with shopping tips, what to buy and what to avoid. Let’s get started…

Honestly, before now I haven’t been into the whole SHEIN thing. I love a good deal as much as the next girl, but there was just something that

Wednesday Wishlist: Beach Vacation

Happy Wednesday, friends! I know I’ve been talking about our upcoming beach vacation for awhile. That’s because it’s safe to say I’ve been counting down for the last…2 months. Pretty much since Christmas.

I’ve been daydreaming about the sun on my face, my feet in the sand and super cute clothes in my suitcase. I’ll be sharing on the here soon what I’m bringing, but for today, let’s talk about my beach vacation wishlist. 

In reality, I’ll most likely be