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The Perfect Blazer + My One Regret

Happy Wednesday, sweet friends!

No, buying this blazer isn’t my one regret. That’s actually been a solid life decision, if I do say so myself. (And, I do.) I’ll talk about the blazer in a second, but first….

I can say that in my life, I have only one regret. I think that’s pretty good, considering I’ve been on this planet for more than 3 decades, don’t you?

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve screwed up a whole bunch of times.

Casual NYE Style + A Resolution

Hi friends!

Happy whatever day it is! (Is it just me or does the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve cause way too much confusion? I never know what day it is or how much time is left in the year.)

Let’s talk resolutions. Do you guys make one? It’s something you’re either totally on board with or completely against. (Probably since lukewarm is the complete opposite of resolute. So….)

I’ve always made resolutions. I believe in them, even

Christmas Moments (+ The ONE After Christmas Sale You Don’t Want To Miss)

Merry Christmas yesterday, sweet friends!

I hope you had a wonderful day with friends and family. We stayed in our pajamas all day, opened presents, ate all the sweet things and cozied up by the fire. 

Harper was SO psyched to open her presents (and “help” us open ours) and spent most of the morning shrieking at the top of her lungs. Evy played with the remnants of the opened presents and tried to eat everything she shouldn’t. It was

5 Simple Ways To Deck The Halls (+ A Festive Scout)

Less than two weeks until Christmas. Are you ready? Are your halls? (I mean, your livingroom.)

If not, don’t worry. There’s still time to spruce it up a bit. (Ha. Get it?) And maybe the best part is there are SO many festive finds that are currently on sale. (See? Procrastination totally works.)

In my normal every day life, I’m not very traditional. But for some reason, this time of year I want to be BAAAA-SIC. When it comes

Holiday Traditions + The Gift Of Cozy

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As soon as I had my first baby, I thought about traditions. (I mean, after I freaked out that I just had a baby.) There’s just something about those tried and true family traditions, passed down from generation to generation, that gain even more significance over time.  knew I wanted my kids to grow up