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THE GIFT GUIDE: For The Little Ones

It’s here! The gift guide for our little ones.

Fun fact: When it comes to Christmas presents, men tend to splurge on their wives, while wives splurge on the kids.

Although, come on. I think that’s an unfair assessment, since wives are most likely the ones doing most (if not all) of the Christmas shopping, except for themselves. (Did that make sense to anyone other than me?) 

OK, back on track. 

The little ones are the most fun to shop

The Gift Guide: For Her (And By Her, I Mean YOU)

You guys. This is the good one. It’s the one you email to your husband. The one that you casually leave open on your computer, in case he needs a little hint. It’s the Gift Guide for Her…errr…YOU.

Just like I did with The Gift Guide: For Him, I broke it down into categories: The Beauty Lover, The Lady of (Ath)Leisure, The Working Mom, The Cozy One…and on and on. And, in case you need even more gift-giving inspo,


Ahh! It’s here! The first Gift Guide of the 2017 holiday season. I can’t even believe it. Today’s guide is all about the guys because let’s be honest: they’re always the hardest ones to shop for, right?

I’ve broken down our guys into categories: The Brewmaster, The Golfer, The One Who Has Everything, to name a few. If you guy doesn’t fit into any of them, don’t worry! I’ve also shared more favorite picks in the widget at the bottom

Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

It’s the last holiday gift guide! And with only 13 days until Christmas, I’d say I squeaked it in right under the wire. Phew.  So, let’s talk stocking stuffers, shall we?

In our family, it’s always tradition to do presents first, then stockings. It may seem a bit backwards – like starting with the main course and then moving to the appetizers. But just when you think the presents have all been opened and the Christmas morning excitement is winding

Holiday Gift Guide: For The Little Ones

It’s time for another holiday gift guide! This guide is for the little ones in your life. Because, let’s be honest, they’re really the most fun to shower with gifts.

My girl is starting to realize more and more about Christmas and Santa and presents and I’m loving it. She “helps” me wrap presents (seriously, 1 present takes about 45 minutes. at this rate we’ll be done by Valentine’s Day.), is obsessed with A Charlie Brown’s Christmas, and dances to