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Holiday Gift Guide: For The Ladies

Here it is! The gift guide I’ve been working on all week. I’m bringing you the best gifts for all of the ladies in your squad. (I’ve never ever used that word and probably never will again.)

Not sure what to get your super fancy pants Mother-In-Law? Or your friend who just had a baby? Don’t worry. It’s all here…

Maybe you want to splurge on your mama this year. Or, maybe things are a bit tight and you need

Holiday Gift Guide: For The Mister

Well… It’s been a rough couple of days, but now let’s get back to the good stuff. Being kind. Helping out. Giving back. Extra big bear hugs. Smiles to strangers. And getting to work.

Guess what? It’s holiday gift guide time! Can you believe it?! Each week I’ll be sharing a different holiday gift guide to help you get through this time with little stress and a whole lot of style (and you can totally all of the take credit