Fall Style Instagram Round Up

Hi, friends! I haven’t done an Instagram round up in awhile, so I figured it was high time. (And just in case you don’t know, it’s easier than ever to shop me feed! Just go right here and you can see and shop it all without signing in. YAY.)

My Instagram feed is filled with a whole lot of cozy these days and I’m sharing my favorite recent looks with you. 

And guess what? My leopard shoes are sold out,


Happy Monday, friends.Thinking about everyone who has been and is currently affected by Hurricane Irma and sending a whole lot of love your way. 

You guys. Normally, I’m a rule follower. I really don’t like getting in trouble and will follow all the rules. 

But, what about that one silly little fashion rule? You know, the one about not wearing white after Labor Day? Ummm, says who? No, really. Who came up with that one? 

Now that I have found

The Sweet Edit | No. 4

Hello, sweet friends. I am thinking about everyone in Florida and those who are still affected by Hurricane Harvey. Sending a whole lot of prayers your way. XO

I’m bringing back The Sweet Edit, and also including some Under $50 Fridays. It’s pretty much like a match made in heaven. I’ll be sharing what I’m loving this week, sales you probs don’t want to miss and any other random things I’ve been listening to, reading or just plain loving.


Easy Summer To Fall Style With Lilla P

Hello, comfortable, beautiful, high quality clothes. Can you come and live in my closet so I can wear you all the time? K, thanks. 

Have you guys shopped at Lilla P yet? (Warning: be prepared to fall in love with everything.)

You know I love no-fuss style. I generally wear leggings and a tee, or jeans and a sweater. It’s just the kinda girl I am. But when I can wear a dress that feels just as comfy and cozy?

Mama Life: Baby Girl 7 Month Update

Wait. Are we sure? Is it truly time for the 7 month update already? Because I can’t quite wrap my mind (or heart) around it. 

Time has flown, but we have done our best to fill this last month with a whole lot of summer fun. Baby girl loves swinging on the swings at the park, putting her tootsies in the sand at the beach and watching her big sister do pretty much anything. 

OK. Can we talk baby books