An Honest Review Of SHEIN + Shopping Tips

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Finally! I’ve had so many questions about SHEIN and requests to review it, and I’ve finally done it. Shopping is so hard, right? #lies Today I’m bringing you an honest review of SHEIN, along with shopping tips, what to buy and what to avoid. Let’s get started…

Honestly, before now I haven’t been into the whole SHEIN thing. I love a good deal as much as the next girl, but there was just something that felt weird to me about ordering from there. I mean, how are the prices SO low? It has to be too good to be true, right? 

Not exactly. 

I wasn’t expecting much when my package showed up on my doorstep. The packaging didn’t do much to help this. It came in a nondescript plastic bag. Hmmm. Not impressed. 

Imagine my surprise when I open the package and tried on my haul.

You guys. I’m a believer. 

And, since my 1 and 3 year olds didn’t appreciate my excitement over my newfound shopping find, I had to shout it from the rooftops to those who would understand. Which, of course, means I had to share a sneak peek on my Instagram Stories. 

I’m not going to overhaul my wardrobe (which is why you’ll see even in this post some pieces that aren’t from SHEIN), but I will definitely start incorporating more SHEIN pieces into my looks. 

OK, here’s my haul: this maxi dress (on sale for $10), this pink waterfall coat (comes in 6 colors and is $21), these belted striped pants ($18), this cut and sew hoodie (comes in 2 colors and is $21) and this pair of sandals (come in 4 colors and is $18).

Not everything was a hit, but overall, I have to say, I’m impressed and I’ll be back.

Head to the bottom of the post for my tips, along with what you should buy, avoid and what I’ve got my eye on next.

Thanks for stopping by, sweet friends. Come back tomorrow for a Saturday edition of The Sweet Edit…



High waisted striped pants – $18 (wearing size XS) | lace cami (not Shein)

I LOVE these pants. They totally blew away my expectations. (Fine, for $18 I wasn’t expecting much. But, still.) The waist detailing is perfect and they fit well. You’ll be seeing them on here soon.

Waterfall wrap coat ($21) |Lace cami (not SHEIN) | Mom jeans (not SHEIN) | Heels (not SHEIN)

Hands down my FAVORITE purchase of my haul. There’s not much to it, design wise. It’s not lined and the material is pretty light. BUT, the fit is amazing and I love the color for spring. It’s probably the best $21 I’ve ever spent.

Hoodie ($16) | Leggings (not SHEIN)

I’m not a huge fan of this hoodie. It’s very thin, and not at all cozy. I wouldn’t order it again. But, that said, I’ll probably wear it, because I do like the colors and the overall style.

Maxi dress ($10) | Sandals ($18) 

Probably ordering this maxi dress in every pattern for spring and summer. It’s so easy and cute. This spring, I’ll pair it with my denim jacket and in summer I’ll wear it with my espadrilles and straw bag.

Sandals ($18) 

Pass, pass, pass. They’re cute, but it feels like you’re walking on paper. 



ALLOW ENOUGH TIME FOR DELIVERY. According to their site, you will receive your order in 6-17 business days from the date that it is placed. I received most of my order within a week; however, one item was backordered and didn’t arrive for another week.

KNOW YOUR BODY. Know what looks good and what flatters your body type. Not only is this crucial when ordering anything online, but especially when weeding through the crazy amount of inventory they have.

GO BY THE SIZING MEASUREMENTS, NOT JUST THE SIZE. Get out your measuring tape. It’ll help a ton to decide your correct size. 

READ THE REVIEWS. So helpful. Believe them. 



Stick to the trends.  My life motto: splurge on the classics and save on the trends.

Dresses. Especially for spring, their selection is SO good.

Something you wouldn’t normally buy. Take a risk. (Like this tee.)



Anything you’re going to wear again and again. Most likely, the clothing just isn’t going to hold up season after season.

The shoes. (Granted, I only ordered these sandals, but I wasn’t impressed. They are flimsy and not at all comfortable.)

Sweaters. Maybe it’s the sweater snob in me (it is), but I can’t stand a cheap sweater.





  • Anna

    That pink wrap coat is absolutely beautiful! Definitely something I would love to have for myself and it looks really good on you! x

  • Lauren

    I’ve had great experiences shopping Shein but find most people haven’t! Love the pants and that pink trench coat!


  • Harmony, Momma To Go

    ive never heard of this, but always looking for some trendy one season pieces. do they have a good return policy? I love the maxi dress!

  • Sheri - A Busy Bee's Life

    I love that pink wrap coat. It looks gorgeous and I can think of so many things I could wear with it.

  • Wanda Lopez

    Loving this post. Great pieces. Loving the maxi and the pink wrap coat.

    • suzanne

      Thanks, Wanda!