The Sweet Edit | No. 17

Happy Friday, friends! 

We have family in town and it’s definitely feeling like Christmas. Yesterday we went to the Chicago Botanic Gardens Wonderland Express. If you’re in the Chicago area and haven’t been, it’s a must-see. We love the trains and often go to see them outside in the summer, but our favorite by far is when they bring the trains inside for the holidays. (Head over to my IG Stories to see more. Ps: It snows. Inside.)

So, are you guys done with your Christmas shopping?


Oh, ok. Me, too, then….

(pause for awkward silence)

There’s one more gift guide coming to you on Monday. This time it’ll be the best last minute gifts (think Amazon Prime…).

Alright. Time to coffee it up! I hope you have a sweet weekend! 


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Chocolate chips and sprinkles? Yes, please. We made these cookies this week and let’s just say they didn’t last long. 

Welcome to my home. 


What’s next? Light Bright?  (Yes, please.)

This will be in my life ASAP. Because cozy is my favorite word.

How do they know? (Fiiiiine. I might be addicted to these quizzes.)

BRB. Ordering these. 

Can we be friends? Thanks.