The Sweet Edit | No. 11

I know! This post is like 14 hours late. What can I say? I’ve been busy raising those two little wonderful people, y’all.

I swear, the weeks just keep going by faster and faster. I can’t believe it’s almost Halloween. All of our costumes have arrived and I can’t wait to share some pictures next week. 

OK, it’s a short and sweet one. Have a great weekend, sweet friends. 

Let’s meet back here on Monday, OK?


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If you’re a style blogger or Instagrammer, this book is a must read. She’s the expert and breaks it all down in actionable steps. 

A winter staple. (Anyone else oddly obsessed?)

When you want to stay in the know but can’t read without either being interrupted by little humans or falling asleep.

Need a last minute Halloween treat? I got you. (Only TWO ingredients!)

This is so chic and looks at least thrice as expensive.

This little guy kept both girls entertained yesterday afternoon for at least 30 minutes. Which is like an eternity in #momlife. 

Just in time to plan our Thanksgiving menu. Yes, please.