Mama Life: Baby Girl 8 Month Update

Hi from the beach! We are having so much fun under the sun – eating sand, chasing seagulls and peeing in the ocean. (Some of us, that is.)

Baby girl is 8 months old. HOW ON EARTH THOUGH. Time needs to slow down, because this mama isn’t ready for all of this growing up that keeps happening. I’m trying my best to cherish those sweet snuggles before she is too busy for her mama. 

Today I’m sharing breastfeeding, sleeping, solids and milestones updates. Also, head to the bottom of the post for our favorites of the month. 

Stay tuned to the blog for more family vacation pics and a postpartum update coming soon! 

Happy new week, friends…


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That sweet toothy grin. Gets me every time.


8 months down, 4 to go. My goal is still to make it to 12 months. Some days I consider throwing in the towel, and then other days my heart aches when I think about the last time that will be here before I know it. She’s still super distracted and only wants to nurse either right before nap or bedtime. But when she’s sleepy, snuggling and nursing, it’s the best feeling in the whole world. 



I’m trying to make sure she gets at least 2 “meals” a day, but sometimes it’s 1. She’s doing pretty well feeding herself: bananas, avocados, roasted sweet potatoes, carrots, pasta, etc. I cut fruit and veggies into long strips so she can pick them up and get used to taking bites. She also enjoys gnawing on a hard baguette and pizza crust, which is pretty darn adorable to watch. She loves pouches and can now eat them all on her own, which has been such a time saver! It’s been a good way to make sure she gets something in her belly if we’re on the go, since purees and spoons get super annoying after awhile.



YOU GUYS. I’m waiting for our certificate to arrive in the mail any day now. Congrats, baby girl! You’ve won the Most Unpredictable Sleeper Award! One night she will wake up 3 times and the next she will sleep through. One night her first wake up with be at 9:30 pm and the next will be 2 am. You guys. I can’t keep up. (And my nursing breasts are SUPER confused.) I thrive on a schedule and this has thrown me for a loop. I’m trying my best to roll with it and remind myself that she’ll sleep through the night eventually, (Right? RIGHT??) but PHEW. Mama’s tired, y’all. 



We have a crawler! Just like that, she’s off the explore the world and I’m just trying to keep up.

She sits up and does “SO BIG” with her arms up in the air and we all clap like it’s the greatest achievement in the whole world. (Because it is.) 

Her 3rd tooth (top one) just cut through this week. We worked hard on that one. 😉



I’m still carrying her in the carrier when I can, and I’ve been using this one again. We’ve used it a lot on this beach trip and while traveling. Is there anything better than having your baby close to your heart?

She’s finally in the big girl high chair!

This teether. ALL THE TIME.

These little shoes. I mean. STOP. So cute. And they smell like strawberries. We got a pair for Harper when she was a baby and they finally fit baby girl.

These pajamas have been our favorite since Harper was a baby. So soft and super durable. Perfect hand-me-downs.

A baby llama towel?? SO CUTE.