5 Simple Tips For Stylish Family Photos

Hi, sweet friends!

We had our family photos taken about a month ago and I’m so in love with them. (Side note: if you’re in the Chicago area, I highly recommend Jessie of jessie hearn photography. You won’t be disappointed. Tell her I sent you!)

When I scheduled a sunrise session, I thought I was crazy. I spend all of my days trying to get my girls to sleep, and now I was going to have to WAKE THEM UP at 5:30 am to get dressed up and head to the cold beach? Ummm, yeah. Fun. 

But…you guys. It actually went well. (GASP.) Sure, there was some a lot of whining and a couple of tears, but it was fun to run around on the beach with my people. It was an adventure that probably won’t happen again for a long time and it makes me so happy to know that one day my girls will look at these photos and see how much love is in our family. 

I hope you enjoy them! 

Head to the bottom of the post for my 5 simple tips for stylish family photos! It’s easier than you think…


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my dress (currently on sale!) | Harper’s dress + Evy’s dress (both only $19)| Russell’s shirt | Russell’s denim



1. START WITH ONE LOOK. (PROBABLY YOURS)  I know how overwhelming and daunting it can be to think about outfits for the whole family. Where to start? With you. Decide what you’re going to wear, whether it’s a dress you’ve had your eye on (what better excuse than family photos that will be forever cherished?), or a classic piece that’s already in your closet, build everyone’s outfits around yours. 

2. DECIDE ON A COLOR SCHEME, BUT DON’T MATCH. Gone are the days of the white shirt/khaki pants family photos. (Please, no more.) The key is to look cohesive, but not matchy-matchy. So, how do you do that? Stay in the same color family, but don’t wear the same colors. For our photos, I went with neutrals and jewel tones for fall. Harper’s dress goes well with the flowers in my dress, and Evy and Russell are both wearing neutral colors.

3. THINK CLASSIC. NO TRENDS ALLOWED. You want your photos to be timeless so you can look back at them 10 years from now and not cringe at your cold shoulder sweater. Shy away from trendy pieces. If anyone is wearing denim, make sure it’s dark with no distressing. Stay far away from logos, as they can be distracting. 

4. DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO. (BRIBERY WORKS.) Alright, mamas. Do what you have to do to get those kiddos to cooperate and possibly even…smile. Whether that’s a promise of a lollipop post-photoshoot or a silly dance behind the photographer, there’s no shame in the mama game. Bring their favorite treats or stuffed animals so they’re comfortable. 

5. ENJOY IT.  I know. You want that one perfect shot with everyone’s pearly whites sparkling and the sun glinting in your little ones’ eyes. I’m sorry to break it to you, but…you might not get it. There may not be even one photo with everyone looking at the camera. And, who cares?? Those candid photos are the gems. They are the framers. Because they are real and chaotic and so full of love and just…perfect. 



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