A Moto Jacket + 5 Universal Motherhood Truths

Motherhood is tricky. I’m pretty sure my girls currently have some sort of pinkie promise, conspiracy thing going on right now, because both of them have been fighting their naps this week. Hard core. Like, I need to hide in the closet and binge on chocolate, hard core. 

OK, mamas. This got me thinking: we need to band together. I don’t want to make it out like it’s an US vs. THEM kinda thing, but you guys. I’m pretty sure it’s an US vs. THEM kinda thing. 

I’ve always wanted this blog to be a place where you will find style inspiration. But, I also hope it’s a place you can feel NORMAL as a mama. I hope you can read some of my posts and think, “Ooooooh, me too! Yay! I’m not alone!” Because this motherhood gig can get pretty lonely, if we let it. 

So, here are just 5 universal truths of motherhood. (Along with a kick ass moto jacket that sold out last year and will probs sell out again…) Because possibly the first universal truth of motherhood is that no matter how much you love your babes and rock that mama title, you need something that makes you feel human. Mine is getting dressed up and sharing my love of cozy, comfy style with you guys.)

Thanks for making me feel normal. You guys rock. 



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1. As soon as you get everyone ready to leave the house, someone will have to poop. (And it might be your husband.)

2. A baby will NEVER NOT spit up all over a freshly washed outfit.

3. Speaking of baby outfits, you will constantly marvel at how someone SO little can require SO much more laundry. Mathematically, it just doesn’t make sense.

4. You will spend 98.6% of your day either trying to get your kids to sleep, day-dreaming about when they will be asleep next, or configuring your schedule to ensure they will get the maximum amount of sleep possible.

5. As soon as they’re asleep, you miss them. (Even if just a teeny tiny bit.)



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  • Jen

    So very true! I spend all day long wishing my littlest would just sleep … then when she does, I immediately miss her and spend my free time peeking in on her 🙂