The 7 Pairs Of Jeans Every Woman Should Own

It’s all about good jeans, baby. 

Fun fact: when I started working at Bloomingdale’s Lenox in Atlanta allllll those years ago in 2004, I started on the sales floor as a “Denim Specialist.” Sounds fancy, doesn’t it? While I sold everything, denim was my focus, and I took it very seriously. I tried on every pair (and bought a whole lot of them, too).

So I guess you could say that’s where my love affair with denim began. Take a step into my closet and you will see an embarrassing number of jeans that I’ve collected over the years. I have my favorites (like these babies that I wear constantly) and my go-to mama jeans

And while I do believe that there aren’t rules in fashion, I can’t quite agree that goes for the jeans on your booty. Gone are the days of light stitching on a dark wash and pockets so blinged out they look like they belong on a Vegas stage. 

In fact, keep ALL stitching and details to the bare minimum and your denim will be classic and easily take you into the next decade. 

As you’ll see, a lot of my denim is distressed, which happens to be the trend at the moment. And while I do think that you should own one pair of distressed jeans, don’t break the bank on them.

As for your denim collection overall, invest in a good pair and I promise you won’t regret it. I’ve included my favorites in each category below, but also some pairs that will be nicer on the wallet. 

So, keep it simple. And slowly, over time, build your denim collection with these must have pairs….


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The most relaxed pair of the bunch. These are your everyday, running around, carrying kids, getting groceries jeans. They should be a bit baggy and SUPER comfortable and are generally cropped at the ankle. Perfect in the spring + summer for rolling up and pairing with your favorite kicks. 

classic skinny

Keep these babies totally classic, with just a little distressing (if any) and very little details. You’ll live in them for the next 15 years. I promise. 

light wash

While most of my denim is dark, I LOVE a good pair of light wash jeans. 


THE trend of the moment. And I just can’t quite get enough. 


Oh, flares. How I love thee. My legs are short, but I can throw on a good pair of flares + some heels and they look LOOOOOONG. It’s a miracle. And, they add instant polish to an outfit. (I like to wear them extra long, but you don’t have to have them this long. Just make sure they’re not floods, so bring your highest heel to the tailor.) 


I admit, I probably own 3 pairs of black denim, and they’re all different. Hands down my favorite pair is this one. Super soft, comfy + easy. Perfect. 


Perhaps the trendiest of the bunch, but also the prettiest. A pair of soft gray denim looks good with just about anything. Dressed up or down, you really can’t go wrong.



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  • Mamaguru

    Oh dear! I don’t own any jeans! Cute choices, especially the flares.

    • suzanne

      Oh, they’re life-changing! 😉

  • Belle

    I agree! A woman can never have too many pair of jeans and these are a must!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

    • suzanne

      So true 🙂

  • Jessica Lam

    I used to love flared pants when they were in trend like 10 years ago, but I can’t bring myself to like them again now that they’re back in haha! I agree with you on every other pair though! Great post, Suzanne 🙂

    • suzanne

      Ha, I can understand that 🙂 Thanks, Jessica!

  • Lexi

    All of your jeans are SO cute! Love boyfriend jeans and distressed skinny jeans. <3

    • suzanne

      Thanks, Lexi! xo

  • Sophia

    I love the distressed jeans that you have on, they are so cute.

    • suzanne

      Thank you! I wear them constantly!

  • Brittany Charnley

    YES! What a great post. I love jeans! I have every one of those…so i’m good 😉 HA

    • suzanne

      Yay! Thanks, Brittany 😉

  • Leighann

    Love this! I don’t have grey jeans, but I really like them! Thank you for sharing!

    • suzanne

      Thanks, Leighann! You will love gray denim 🙂

  • Melissa

    I totally agree! I couldn’t live without my skinnies or boyfriend jeans. I also love high rise jeans.

    • suzanne

      Yes to high rise jeans! A mama’s life-saver for sure 🙂

  • Lydia Engram

    I don’t know how you pull off the flares. But you do! They are a terrifying pair of jeans to me! Go you!

    • suzanne

      You can totally rock them!

  • Hanna

    THANK YOU for this! A great round up thats for sure! I’m looking for new jeans and I have my eye on a few of these!

    • suzanne

      So glad you’re putting it to good use! xo

  • Angela Amores

    I love all the denim you chose, and could not agree more. These are must haves for everyones closet. Love how you styled them as well.

    • suzanne

      Thank you, Angela! xo

  • Lee Anne

    I have to agree with all of this! I can’t live without my distressed jeans!

    Lee Anne

    • suzanne

      Right?! Thanks, mama! xo

  • Gloryanna

    I am a HUGE fan of black denim too actually! Especially the maternity pair I have as they sort of make me feel a little more concealed, if yah know what I mean. 😉 Great list!

    • suzanne

      OH yes to any and all maternity denim! I’m so with you 🙂

  • Lauren

    My gray denim are my current favs but I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of black denim! Love your picks!

    • suzanne

      Aren’t gray denim the best?!

  • Lauren

    Love this post! You suit the flared jeans – not sure if my legs are long enough to pull it off!

    Lauren |

    • suzanne

      Girl, if my short legs can pull them off, I promise yours can! 😉 xo

  • Annette Dattilo

    I love this post. The list of options were great and the description/purpose of each style was so helpful. Thanks for sharing!

    • suzanne

      Thank you, Annette!

  • Lauren

    I have been looking for the perfect pair of distressed jeans forever! I totally agree with all of these!


    • suzanne

      I’m so glad I could help!

  • Ayanna

    Cute!! I live in jeans. I just got some boyfriend jeans that I love. One my list to buy now are gray and distressed jeans.

    • suzanne

      Yes, two awesome choices 🙂

  • Ashley

    You NAILED it with this post! You look fab in all of these lady! I’m checking out your picks for flares, as mine are getting a bit raggedy on the edges.

    • suzanne

      Thank you so much, Ashley! xo

  • Ashley

    Yes, girl! I couldn’t agree more!! I don’t own a pair of flares and need to invest in some ASAP!

    xo Ashley

    • suzanne

      You would look awesome in flares!

  • Meredith

    These all look great on you! I love those distressed ones!

    • suzanne

      Thanks, mama! xo

  • Erica Nicole

    Love this! You look incredible in all of the jeans!

    • suzanne

      Thank you, Erica! xo

  • Tabitha Blue

    Great list!! Love the gray… I have a dark gray pair, but need one like this in my collection 😉

    • suzanne

      I love dark gray, too!

  • Louisa

    I have every one on this list. When I worked a professional job, my distressed jeans did not get a lot of wear.

    • suzanne

      Ha – that’s understandable 🙂

  • Jenny

    I need a pair of black and grey jeans but I have all the rest haha.

    • suzanne

      You will love gray jeans! Such a great alternative to regular denim.

  • neha

    100% agree, boyfriends jeans are so comfy btw!!

    • suzanne

      SOOOO comfy!

  • Jacki Q

    I’ve been on the hunt for some good black jeans! Thanks for the recommendation!

    • suzanne

      Yes, I live in my black Rag & Bone pair (when I’m not pregnant!) 🙂

  • madeline

    I agree that a good pair of denim is worth the price. Have you ever tried Mother jeans? I just discovered them and they are my FAVORITE! I love your other picks too. Need to check them out!

    • suzanne

      Yes! Actually the light wash denim that I’m wearing in the post are Mother jeans, and I have a pair of their flares. I agree – they’re amazing!

  • Kristen

    Agree 100%!! All of my jeans are skinny, but I have a variety of shades. I want to get a few more pairs, but I can’t wear them to work and can’t really justify the need. I usually just invest more in tops

    • suzanne

      It should totally be a law in the US that everyone can wear denim to work. 🙂

  • Jen Smith

    Boyfriend jeans are next on my list to buy! I totally agree with all these. I have them all except boyfriend and black (just had to get rid of my blacks d/t overwear!)

    • suzanne

      You will LOVE BF jeans! Hands down the most comfortable.

  • Tamara

    I’d have to argue against flare but add colour jeans for a pop of fun.

    • suzanne

      You could always go with a baby bell if you don’t like the mega flare 🙂

  • Sharon

    I loooove those light way jeans! I haven’t had a pair in a few years so it’s time to add to the jeans collection!

    • suzanne

      Thank you! Yes, do it! 😉

  • Kathryn

    This is a great round up! My go-to denim lately has been skinny jeans, but I do love the look of flares. They’re so flattering!

    Kathryn •

  • Tiffany

    I have yet to find a pair of distressed jeans that I like. Most are just too distressed for me. But I do love a good pair of skinny and BF jeans. Next on my list is some black denim.

    • suzanne

      I know what you mean – I don’t like when there is too much distressing either!

  • Amaris

    You have successfully made me want to go shopping! Job well done! 😉

    • suzanne

      Haha. YAY! My job here is done 😉

  • Chelsea

    A good pair of jeans is a great investment! I’m not the biggest fan of lighter washes on my body shape, I see so many girls rock them!

    Chelsea –

    • suzanne

      You could totally rock them, girl 🙂

  • Bobbi | Bobbi's Kozy Kitchen

    I need to up my jean game! I am falling way behind LOL I need a few off these ASAP!

    • suzanne

      Haha, there’s always time! 😉

  • Amber Starr

    I definitely want a pair of black jeans! I just can’t seem to find the right pair anywhere!

    • suzanne

      I can’t say enough about the Rag & Bone pair! They are super comfortable!

  • Jessica Bradshaw (@loveyoumoretoo)

    I need a good pair of boyfriend jeans! I totally agree with your list. Great picks!

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