8 Things You Need For Baby’s First Year (+ 3 You Don’t!)

I know. There are a million (at least) blog posts out there claiming that you need SO MANY THINGS for baby’s first year. It can be overwhelming and Google is a scary place when you’re a new or expecting mama. Believe me. I KNOW. 

So, I’ve narrowed it down to 8 things you need….

(But, first, let’s get something straight: are we really talking a NEED here? No. We’re talking a first world need. Like a cushy life kinda need. Because truly, the only things you NEED for your baby are somewhere safe to sleep and something to feed it. Done and done.)

But, if you want to stay sane as a mama and manage to pee in peace? Then, you do, actually, NEED these things. 

(Oh, and I also asked my mama tribe for their input. I’ve included their favorites at the bottom of the post.)

Thanks for stopping by, sweet friends. Cheers (coffee) to a wonderful week!


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I can’t tell you how many of these blankets I go through every week. We use them for everything. (I mean, everything except swaddling.) We are big fans of these blankets. I also just discovered this adorable baby store and their blankets. So cute! Stock up on these. You won’t be sorry.



I know. You want to buy all of the cute baby clothes (especially if you’re having a girl. I get it.). But, aside from newborn photos and maybe a family get-together or two, your babe is going to live in basics, especially in the first couple of months. So what do you actually need? We love these sleepers (I like the ones without feet because they can wear them SO much longer than the ones with feet!) and these bodysuits. This is our go-to for all baby basics. They’re all SO cute and so afforable! 



I’m about to make a big statement here: I’ve never met a baby who didn’t like the baby swing. I’m sure there’s one out there, but both of mine loved it. Perfect for the witching hour, or that last stretch of sleep in the first couple of months when they can’t get comfortable anywhere (except on the boob). Once they outgrow the swing, I highly recommend this bad boy. My girls both went from loving swinging to loving bouncing, and this one is a hit.



This little gem is perfect for those early days if you babe has reflux (more common than you think). Harper slept in it for the first 2 months. It also comes in handy when you need somewhere to put the baby, but the cold floor seems mean. (Kidding. Kind of.)



Because you’ve been used to having 2 hands, right? (Duh.) A baby carrier will be a lifesaver. For those early days when your babe wants nothing else in the whole world but to be snuggled up against mama, but also for those later days when you are juggling life and need to do all the things. This one is our favorite. Why? Because it’s super comfortable, cute and there is no need for an infant insert. 



Chances are, you’re going to be using a stroller a LOT. So, my one piece of advice? Don’t skimp. Get the good one. We love our BOB stroller for running and walks around the neighborhood, and this single stroller for everyday. I kept it in the car and used it when I ran errands. Looking for a good double stroller? I have this one, and LOVE it. It’s easy to steer and doesn’t feel like a tank. 



This is hands-down the BEST white noise machine. It’s not made for babies, but I’ve been told it’s safe and approved for their little ears. I made the mistake of using one of those sleep sheep things with Harper and here’s a tip: it doesn’t work. You want something that stays on all night long, not one that shuts off after 45 minutes. Save your money and get this one



If you’re a first time mom, you’re probs thinking that’s a typo. (It’s not.) It’s supposedly a word for the cute little cages mamas use so we can shower and pee and cook and eat and do all of the human things we need to do in a day.  It also comes in handy if you want baby to sleep next to your bed for the first month or two, because most of them have a little bassinet on top. I’ve used this one with Evy, and I LOVE it. 




I mean. C’mon. Like you need to create an even MORE high maintenance human. Nope, nope, nope.


I was SO excited to get this when I was pregnant with Harper. It looks super cool and modern, unlike most other baby things. Turns out, she wasn’t a fan. She used it twice. Just enough to poop in it and spit up all over it. When Evy was born, I dusted it off to give it another try. It wouldn’t start. It was broken. From sitting unused for 2 years. For $250. Thanks, but no thanks. My advice? The swing will do the same thing for a LOT less money.


Guess what?? They already make organic baby food. And as my first Pediatrician told me: sometimes pureed carrots are just pureed carrots. Save your time and sanity and don’t make baby food. (Unless that’s your thing and it relaxes you and you find your zen in the kitchen.) 










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  • Colleen

    100% agree on the mamaroo! I used it as a place to set the baby when I needed to use the bathroom. She didn’t love it though! Worst baby investment of all. One other thing I consider a must have is a good supply of soft bamboo washcloths for baths. Amazon has some great ones. Thanks for this list – always helpful to see some new items I haven’t used!