The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: What’s The Big Deal?

A bonus Sunday post! You might be thinking: Suz, why on earth are you posting on a Sunday? You never post on a Sunday! (Or, you might not be thinking that at all. You might just be enjoying your coffee. Which I don’t blame you one bit.) The answer? The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. That’s why. 

Now you might be thinking: Why, Suz? What’s the big deal??

You guys. Let me tell you. It’s a BIG deal. (And this is coming from a former Bloomingdale’s executive for 8 years.)

It’s new, FALL merchandise ON SALE. You get to save on SO MANY FALL THINGS before the prices go up for the season. 

(The funny thing about this post? One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone asks and answers their own question. As I do throughout this whole post.)


EARLY ACCESS for Nordstrom cardholders begins this Thursday, July 13th. (Don’t have a Nordstrom card? You can apply for one here.) If you apply today you get $20 to shop. Free money. 

Don’t want a credit card? I totally get it. The interest rate on those things are bananas. You can still sign up for their rewards program to earn notes (money) to shop!

The sale opens to the public July 21st and prices go back up August 7th. 

I know we’re in the dead of summer, but for the next 3 weeks, you need to think FALL. New fall merchandise is ON SALE up to 40% before getting marked back up again.

I get it. It doesn’t seem fun to buy cozy sweaters and boots right now, but I promise you’ll be thanking yourself in October when you hop online and try to scoop up that perfect sweater and it’s full price (and probs sold out in your size. Boo.).

My biggest tips? Shop EARLY and shop ONLINE. The best things go quickly, so get ready to put your speed-shopping shoes on (are those a thing?).

I’m not going to lie, this sale can be overwhelming. I try to go into it as prepared as I can. I take an inventory of my closet to see what my wardrobe looks like for fall and winter. I wear out a lot of my staples, so this is a perfect time to donate the old ones and stock up on some new ones. 

Then, I make a wishlist. Otherwise, I get super overwhelmed and either overbuy or don’t really get much because I’m confused. (Shopping is hard.)

Here’s my wishlist this year:


I’ll be bringing you guys a whole lot of Nordstrom Anniversary Sale posts (think Dressing Room Diaries, Under $50 Fridays, Beauty Buys, My Haul, etc) throughout the next couple of weeks. 

(My birthday just so happens to fall smack dab in the middle of the sale, so……YAY.)

See that menu at the top of my site? I’ll be updating and adding my favorites under the NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE tab, so keep checking back to see my most recent finds. 

And please, let me know what you want to see! I love to hear from you guys!


  • Christine Schmidt

    No more debit cards! Company stopped them early this year.. we now have a non-tender option (kind of what you use at ulta or walgreens… its associated with your personal 3rd party card and phone number…)

    • suzanne

      ooooh, good to know!! thanks, lady! I will update now… xo