5 Things They Don’t Tell You About Having Two Kids

OK, I admit: I don’t really know who “they” are and anyway, they probably HAVE told someone these things but no one told ME these things, but that wouldn’t have made a very compelling blog post title. 

So. Here are 5 things that I didn’t know about having two kids and learned them when I was knee deep in motherhood and all of the feelings and things that come along with it. 

YOU WILL FEEL LIKE A NEW MOM AGAIN. Before having my second baby, I thought I kind of had figured out some of this motherhood thing. (Well, at least the first 2.5 years of it.) HA. Oh, silly me. Sure, it’s easier the second time around. Time doesn’t stand still like it did the first time. Milestones don’t seem as important, and there isn’t such a giant life shift that took place after going from 0 kids to 1.

But there’s something I hadn’t accounted for: after my second baby was born, I was a new mom again. I had never been a mom of two. This was all new to me.

I felt like a new mom the first time I left the house with both kids on my own. The first time I had to figure out how to bathe the baby and make dinner for the toddler. Or bathe the toddler and nurse the baby.  

YOU’LL NEED TO LEARN HOW TO DO A LOT OF THINGS ONE-HANDED.  Yesterday, I peeled a hard-boiled egg with one hand while I was holding the baby with the other. Last week, I poured the toddler her milk and while nursing the baby. I could count on 2 hands the number of things I’ve had to do with only one hand. 

YOU WILL THINK WISTFULLY ABOUT ALL THE FREE TIME YOU HAD WHEN YOU ONLY HAD ONE CHILD.  The stars have to align for me to be able to get both kids to nap at the same time. But when I just had one child? Naptime was a daily luxury that I can now confidently say I didn’t fully appreciate.

Two kids ISN’T twice the work. Somehow, in the face of logic and math, having two kids is like having 5 times the work. (And yes, 5 times the love, too.)

YOU WILL HAVE A FAVORITE (BUT IT WILL CHANGE BY THE MINUTE). Who is currently sleeping? (Favorite.) Who is snuggling? (Favorite.) Who isn’t crying and/or whining and/or asking the same question over and over? (Favorite.)

My favorite child changes a thousand times a day until I’m left at the end of the day after they’ve gone to bed looking longingly at my camera roll at their sweet faces and wondering how I could love two humans SO SO SO MUCH. 

THERE WILL COME A TIME WHEN YOU CAN’T REMEMBER LIFE BEFORE THEM.  Don’t get me wrong. I vaguely remember free time and sleeping in (until 7 am) and being able to drink a whole mug of coffee while it is STILL WARM without having to reheat it 4 times and ultimately forgetting it in the microwave until the next morning when I go to microwave my next cup of cold coffee.

But other than that, I don’t remember much about life before those 2 sweet faces who have changed everything I thought I knew about love. 



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  • Kristen

    I am so glad I live in the day and age of blogs, because I would basically feel alone in this journey of motherhood and feel like I am the only one this ever happens to. When in fact, reading your blog you are spot on with having 2 kids. I have thought and experiences all of those things, glad I am not the only one! Thanks for helping us moms not feel crazy!!

  • susie liberatore

    Omg this is so perfect. Thank you for sharing this. I am thinking about having my second child and like you “think I have it all figured out” now I have to re think it, lol!!

  • Lisa

    We just had our 5th. After 3, bringing a newborn home is a piece of cake (mostly because the helpers are really helpers). And yes, I can’t remember life before kids.

  • Sami Summers

    We’re discussing adding to the family and I can say that I cannot get enough of posts like this. It is an absolute necessity to try to prepare way ahead of time. At least for me.

  • Jen

    Aw … life with kids is great! And you’re SO right about favorites (Who’s not crying and having a meltdown because the xbox won’t turn on? Who’s not covered in permanent marker because their mother left her packing materials where the toddler could get them? …) What’s amazing about having more than one kid is how your heart grows to love each of them. When you’re expecting your second, you cannot imagine how this could happen, but after they’re here (and subsequent children, I have 3!) you realize it’s some amazing form of magic that you’re blessed to be a part of. Enjoy every minute – it goes way too fast! You’re doing a great job mama!

  • Carolina Twin Mom / Mary Peterson

    I can identify with much of what you said, having twins myself! (Especially the favorite child who can change by the minute.). 🙂

    Glad I stopped by, especially since I have $20 of Nordstrom Notes to use…yahoo!

  • Devon

    I can’t imagine what it is going to be like when we have a second. It’s so crazy to think about! It looks like you are rocking it with two though!

  • Ayana

    Your post made me simultaneously want a second child and not want a second child hahaha. I think I’ll wait a bit longer but your babies are preciousss!!

  • rachel

    So true! I was just thinking about how I totally do have a favorite — but it’s always changing . Like, minute to minute! LOL

  • Danielle @ A Sprinkle of Joy

    Getting the two to nap at the same time… amazing! My oldest is now done with naps, and that makes me a little sad. 😉

  • Sharon

    Haha I love how the favorites change so quickly. I must admit I’m that way with my fur babies so I’m sure I’ll be the same with kids one day.

  • Elizabeth Brico

    Multiple kids is tough tough tough. Wait til they start fighting!