Potty Training Tips With Pampers Easy Ups

(Thank you to Pampers for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you to my readers for supporting the brands who support this blog.)

It’s time to potty train my girl. I’ve been putting this off for a while. You know, the whole new baby thing and the whole just totally dreading potty training.

Harper has been ready to potty train for some time now, but I haven’t been ready. It seems so daunting, doesn’t it? Like such a giant commitment. 

Because I (obviously) need some help, I’ve teamed up with Pampers. I knew we wanted to start with training pants, and I’d heard great things about Pampers Easy Ups.  

They look and feel like real underwear, while providing the amazing leak protection we’ve come to know with Pampers. (Harper totally thinks they’re underwear, so don’t tell her they’re Pampers!) Plus, they’re easy for Harp to pull up and down. (Easy Ups, get it??)  And how cute is the Hello Kitty design? 

Not to mention, they’ve been awarded the 2017 Best New Product Award. (How cool is that?!)


Someone is very excited to potty train! 

(When Daddy paints her toenails…all the heart eyes.) 


As with all things mama, I turned to my mama tribe. I asked them for their best potty training tips, and boy did they deliver. So obvs, I’m going to share the wealth and let you guys in on their tried and true tips. 

“Wait. I started too early but when they are older and ready it was a breeze!”

“Do daytime first, and overnight once they’ve mastered that. Teach them to change their own clothes after an accident and they’ll be more confident. Small rewards at the beginning (a couple of m&ms) helps.”

 “Wait for their cues and keep it positive. Don’t make accidents a big deal and don’t expect public potty-ing to be easy. Bring a change of clothes.”

“In the process of really getting ready for potty training we had a lot of “naked time” in the kitchen with the potty so that she would get used to it. Also I had a bag of potty games so I could entice her to sit on the potty and then we she would pee we would do a big potty dance party celebration…”

Do you guys have any more tried and true potty training tips? I would love to hear them! 


  • Colleen

    This couldn’t have come at a better time! I bought these exact pull ups a week ago and they’ve been sitting on the table. I’m nervous to start, but DD is ready! I can’t wait to hear how it goes for you. We’re thinking of doing the full nude for a weekend (thank god for wood floors) with pull ups at night and on 2nd and 3rd day, and keep taking to the potty to reinforce where to go when the pee/poo is coming. I’ve heard this method can work in 3-4 days. Another friend said to just switch to undies and they won’t enjoy the feeling when they wet themselves, so potty training goes faster! This is our first, so I have no clue. Eagerly anticipating others feedback!

  • Logan

    These are really great tips! M&Ms worked great with my son… and a lot of naked time. haha

  • Amy

    How old was your child when she started potty training? Great tips!!

  • Lauren White

    Ugh. Potty training. My biggest will be three at the end of August and she just isn’t ready yet. It’s so utterly frustrating!