My Kind Of Sweat: Postpartum Fitness Week 2 Update

You guys, I’ve started to feel like Oprah – always putting a picture of me as the cover photo. So, this time there’s an inspirational quote. BAM.

So, I can’t ever remember a crazier week. Whoa. Deep breath. With appointments and meetings and a photo shoot and family visiting and motherhood and sleep and all of the things, it was hard to fit everything in. 

Still, I did my best to fit in my exercise every single day. Most of my exercise this week was walking on the treadmill while wearing baby girl, since that’s a guaranteed nap for her every time. I walk at a 3-4% incline at 3.5-4 mph for 40 minutes to an hour. By the time I’m done, we’re both a sweaty mess. 


So, onto nutrition…

I’ve always eaten pretty healthy. I like the 80/20 thing. 80% of the time, I’m legit. All good. 20% of the time it’s some candy or cake. (You’ve gotta live, people.)

During pregnancy, that kinda totally went out the window. I ate whatever I wanted. Partly, because I felt like crap most of the time and it helped me feel better. But also because I knew it would be the last time in my whole life that I would let myself eat anything (and everything) under the sun. Because in my real non-pregnant life, that’s just not how I roll. 

Fast-forward to NOW, when I’m trying to be better about food choices. Well, talk about a shock to the system.

It’s a change in mindset more that anything else. It’s about re-training my taste buds and not eating out of boredom or for the hell of it. 

Still, I knew that an entire overhaul was destined to fail. I can’t cut out the crap entirely overnight and expect to be able to keep it up. It has to be a gradual change to get back to my old lifestyle. 

Here are the little things I’ve done to help me get there…

  • Coconut milk instead of skim milk
  • Dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate 
  • Measure out a serving size of my dark chocolate for the day. No mindless eating allowed!
  • Cut back on dairy 

In last week’s post, I mentioned that I would share what I eat in a day. And, since I eat pretty much the same thing every day, it’s an easy thing to do. 


Breakfast: Almost always plain Greek yogurt with berries, Kind granola and honey; coffee with coconut milk 

Snack: Apple + peanut butter

Lunch: Avocado toast or turkey + avocado sandwich on whole grain bread

Snack: Boiled egg + banana 

Dinner: Salad + dark chocolate or Vita Top 



Saturday             Run 3 miles 

Sunday               Yoga With Adriene – Yoga For Weight Loss – Healthy Energy Flow  

Monday               HIIT Workout 

Tuesday              HIIT Workout

Wednesday         Walk on treadmill 

Thursday             Walk 

Friday                  Walk 



  • Heaven Leigh

    I love this! It’s motivating to know you can get your body back. I’ll be giving birth in July and I’m hoping I can get my pre-pregnancy body back.

  • Robyn

    I’m excited to follow your journey. I’m two weeks postpartum and can’t wait to be cleared to workout. Your posts will definitely help to montivate and encourage me!

  • Annie

    I never thought to walk on the treadmill wearing my son when he was an infant but that is genius!! LOVE it!

  • Catherine Short

    I love yoga with adriene. I have yet to figure out incorporating working out into my daily routine. I’m always running around either with my son or at work but neither of those things involve a lot of strength training. I didn’t realize how much muscle mass I lost while being pregnant!!