The Sweet Edit | No. 3

I am currently drinking coffee, snacking on malted milk eggs and watching baby girl sleep. Pretty sweet way to start the day, right? 

My hope for The Sweet Edit is that you’ll enjoy it in the sleepy, early hours of the morning over a cup of joe and something sweet. (Or healthy, but The Healthy Edit doesn’t sound nearly as cute.)

So, are you?? Go get something sweet! Hurry…

Thanks for taking time to stop by, sweet ones. 


PS – What else would like to see on here? More fashion? Home decor? Motherhood inspo? Random tidbits? Let me know! 

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This balloon. It doesn’t require helium and is super easy to blow up. It’s totally making me want to throw a party. 

This little guy for my phone. It makes taking mirror selfies easier (YAY) and helps the little toddler tornado hold onto the phone, which is important since we’re 3 cracked screens deep. 

I’ve been shopping here a lot lately. I feel like I’m in high school again. 

Binge-watching Parenthood. It makes me want to have 2 more kids. (Not a chance.)

Not much is cuter than a baby burrito and this is a sleep-saver

It’s all about Spring dresses! Sure, it’s still chilly in Chicago and I won’t be able to wear them for like 5 months (kidding, I think). But I am obsessed with all things floral and stripes and pretty and spring. 


“The day God created hope was probably the same day He created Spring.” – Bernard Williams 

I’ve been thinking a lot about hope lately. Maybe because there is a new life in our home and spring outside. 

I’m not an optimist. I worry about the worst case scenario. I prepare for the problems. I doubt and fear and second guess. Yet, still. Hope finds its way in. 

The news would have us believe that there isn’t much hope left in this place. That evil and corruption and indecency have replaced all the good. 

But, I’m not buying it…

All around me, I see hope. Hope that this time, the medicine will work. Hope that the next pregnancy test will be positive. Hope that tomorrow will be sunny and better than today. 

It takes strength and courage and faith to have hope. 

So, here is to a new season. And hope. 


  • Jessica Bradshaw

    That balloon is adorable! Love your picks! Parenthood was such a great show.

    I love your perspective on gratitude and hope.

    • suzanne

      Thanks, Jessica! xo

  • Mamaguru

    That sounds like a lovely morning!

    • suzanne

      Chocolate makes everything better 🙂

  • Stacy

    Love the “love” balloon. One of my brides used it at a wedding recently. It was super cute!!

  • Anna

    That balloon is so pretty.

    • suzanne

      Isn’t it?