The Sweet Edit | No. 2

Another Friday, and another Sweet Edit!

So glad I started this series because there has been ZERO time for me to sit down and write a whole blog post, and I can’t even think about a photoshoot right now…so this is perfect. 

It’s short + sweet this week – I will get back on track with posts soon(ish) 🙂


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I’m slowly getting back into the healthy groove again. Can anyone else eat the same thing every day for like 6 months? I ate this yogurt parfait for breakfast every day when H was a baby, and I’m at it again. It’s super easy to make, healthy, tasty and most importantly…doesn’t get soggy like cereal if it needs to sit (for like 45 minutes) until I can find time to eat it. Here’s how I make it:

1 cup 0% nonfat Greek yogurt 

cut up strawberries + blueberries

1/2 c Kind granola

drizzle of honey

Oh, and if you’ve ever been over to my house for coffee, you know about my frother (that is on sale for less than $50!). If you like cream in your coffee, this little gem is a game-changer. 

Am I the only one who online shops and puts items in my cart, knowing that most likely I will never buy them? It’s like window shopping online. That’s how I’m spending my nighttime nursing sessions these days. It’s fun and kinda addicting. Anyway, lately I’m trying to find the perfect statement necklace for spring. Here are a few that are in my cart (and that I just might actually purchase).


…for this guy.

He works so hard all day for our family and takes over with H the minute he gets home from work. He has perfected the art of making waffles because he knows they make me happy. He gives me space to find out what I want to be when I grow up, and supports my crazy dreams. He takes a damn good picture and is the best Instagram Husband our there.

I could NOT do this whole stay-at-home mama thing without him, and every day I’m beyond grateful that because of him, I get to stay home with our girls. 

Oh, and you see those CHOCOLATE COVERED Oreos in the photo above? Yeah, he brought those home for me. 🙂


  • Amby Dot

    Early morning beautiful recipe which will provide all the nutrients which your body needed the most.

  • Andrea

    I’m looking at the hot beverage 🙂

  • Liene

    Great recipe – looks tasty and healthy as well!
    And it is so nice that you have men who support you.
    Good luck with everything.

  • Brit Strawbridge

    Ah! I saw your top photo on Instagram <3 it's the prettiest thing I've seen all week!! & I love your necklace pics! Thanks for sharing mama!

  • Tom @ Adventurous Travels

    Amazing recipe but the only thing I would change is the yogurt – non fat yogurt is not that good for us – the fats in yogurts are actually very beneficial for us and it’s way better if we consume natural diary products – not the low fat versions 🙂
    Other than that – I must try this!

  • jenny

    Aw I love this! Especially the last comment about your husband. I have to say I’ve got an amazing Instagram husband as well. He hates it but loves it because it makes me happy lol. He’s improved so much lately as well haha. Love your taste in your favourite finds as well, thanks so much for sharing!

  • Leah Ashley

    I am totally going to have this for breakfast next week!! And it is truly nice to have a supportive man by your side!! Thanks for sharing! Take care

  • Ophelia Keith

    This recipe sounds delicious, thanks for sharing!

  • Crystal // Dreams, etc.

    Those chocolate covered oreos look delicious! And I always love a good bowl of yogurt and granola. It’s always so satisfying. 🙂

  • Patricia @ Grab a Plate

    Love the granola recipe: so simple and hearty. And I love you making mention of your husband – sounds like a great partnership (and he brings chocolate-covered Oreos)!!

  • Christine Anne

    Awe this so short and sweet and I love it. That breakfast looks amazing and I’m definitely going to have to check out that frother because I love coffee. I’m glad your hubby is supportive and does little things that make you happy. Those are the things that really matter. 🙂

  • Morgan

    Love this series! And that breakfast looks delish! xx

  • adele miner

    Your breakfast looks delicious, I will have to give it a try myself! You have a really lovely blog here, I would love to keep in touch.. it is always nice to make new blog friends! x