Friday Favorites: Spoil Yourself (Because You Deserve It)

Happy Friday! Now let’s talk about how we can spoil ourselves…

I know, Mother’s Day is over. And as moms, we look forward to that day because it’s all about us (I mean because we can ponder the wonder that is Motherhood). But, how about we do small things throughout the year to spoil ourselves, rather than waiting for holidays?

And no, I don’t mean spending money or eating treats. Although, by all means, you don’t need my permission to do either of those…

Today I’m sharing my favorite small ways to spoil myself.

Have a lovely weekend, sweet people.


IMG_3035 (2) (750x748)

1. CURL UP WITH A GOOD BOOK + COFFEE  Put down the phone. Leave the dishes in the sink. Turn off the TV. Let the laundry pile up. Allow yourself some peace and quiet with your favorite book, and pour yourself a glass of wine. Or tea. Or coffee. With lots and lots of cream. Calories don’t count right now.

My Favorites: 10% Happier – Dan Harris (Read this if you’re interested in meditating but not sure where to start!) //   Bird by Bird – Anne Lamott  (I’m currently reading this and loving it. Perfect if you’re a writer.) // A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius – Dave Eggers (Funny, poignant + a favorite of mine for years.)

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2. FILL YOUR HOUSE WITH FLOWERS  A couple of years ago, I got into the habit of picking up some flowers every time I went to buy groceries. I can’t tell you how happy they make me. It’s a little indulgence that goes a long way.

My Favorites: Hydrangeas, Peonies, White Roses, Tulips + Gerber Daisies (ps – these faux flowers will fool everyone)


3. BUY THOSE PAJAMAS  It’s so easy to throw on an old sweatshirt and leggings to hang out at home before bed. Believe me. I’m with you. But, it feels SO GOOD to have real, matching, clean pajamas.

My Favorites: Victoria’s Secret Pajamas  (So comfortable + cozy.)

4. TURN UP SOME GOOD MUSIC + DANCE  I’m talking after the kids go to bed. Dance with your husband. Or by yourself in the kitchen. It’s good for the soul. Promise.

My Favorites: Harlem – New Politics // Dancing On My Own – Robyn // Tootsie Roll – 69 Boyz

IMG_3038 (2) (750x742)

5. DO SOME YOGA  Or whatever makes your body happy. Just try to move, every single day. Because endorphins are real.

My Favorite: Yoga With Adriene (If you missed it, I wrote about my love for Adriene here) // Beach Babe 3 – Tone It Up – THE best short, effective way to tone your bod (read about my TIU experience + how they helped me get my post-baby groove back here

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6. GET ROMANTIC Yep. You know what I’m talkin’ about.

6 ways to spoil yourself



  • Ana

    I don’t miss any opportunity to spoil myself! 🙂 I love having flowers around – I especially like peonies. They always make me happy. 🙂

    • suzanne

      Yes! Seriously flowers make life better 🙂

  • Jeanine @ Joyfully Mom

    When I did yoga, I felt SO good. Why I haven’t gone back to it, I don’t know! I need to get on that!

    • suzanne

      I know! Sometimes, I have to make myself do yoga because I just don’t feel like it (read: lazy). But I’m always SO glad I did it.

  • Lauren

    Whenever I buy fresh flowers for my house it always makes me happy! Such an awesome reminder 🙂

    • suzanne

      It’s pretty amazing how happy flowers make me 🙂

  • Kara Ziegler

    These are all perfect suggestions! I need to remind myself to do more for myself, especially in the busy days/weeks.

    • suzanne

      Yes! Do it, girl. 🙂

  • Brittany Giles

    I need to get better at doing some things just for me! Love this!

    • suzanne

      Thanks, Brittany! And yes, you totally do. We all do 😉

  • Allison - Celebrating Sweets

    Great tips! I love doing yoga. I always feel SO much better afterwards.

    • suzanne

      Thanks, Allison! Exactly. Yoga is always just what I needed.

  • Logan

    I do love to move every day and do some type of exercise and then curl up with a good book at the end of the day! Great list! Have a great weekend!

    • suzanne

      You just described my most perfect day. Thanks, Logan!

  • kristen

    love these ideas – -im with you on having a house full of flowers and buying comfy pjs. Happy weekend!

    • suzanne

      Right? SO GOOD. Have a wonderful weekend!

  • tineke - workingmommyabroad

    I decided my threat for today is sushi and a nice wine :)!

    • suzanne

      Oooooh, YES.

  • Lauren

    I’m all about matching pajamas! I’m the only one in the house who wears them, unless it’s Christmas, but I just love them!

    • suzanne

      Ha! The only thing better that matching pajamas is matching pajamas on CHRISTMAS. 😉

  • Ellie Augustin

    Love these I am SOOOO due for some spoiling… I think I need to make this list happen ASAP.

    • suzanne

      Do it, girl! You deserve it.

  • Sophia

    These are really great tips. I am always looking for a reason to spoil myself.

    • suzanne

      Thanks, Sophia! I always use the reason that it’s Tuesday. Or Wednesday. (Thursdays are good, too.) 😉

  • Corina

    I can’t think of an object in the household that makes me happier than a vase of fresh flowers! Now is the season to enjoy them from the garden. I usually can’t make myself buy them at the store… but you made me think! Might just have to in the winter 😉

  • Bree Hogan

    Love this list! I am a big advocate of spoiling thy self and love nothing more than to curl up with a nice cuppa tea and a good book.

  • Rebecca Hicks

    I love buying myself flowers to put around the house. It makes things so much more cozy and colorful. I can’t wait to curl up and read a good book this summer!

  • Aileen (Aileen Cooks Blog)

    I love making time for tea and quiet. It makes such an impact on my mood!