Family Photos (Fail) On The Beach

First, let me say THANK YOU all for your love and support of my post about Postpartum Anxiety and loss (if you missed it, you can find it here). I can’t tell you how much it means to me. Showing you my heart and sharing my struggles was scary, but when I finally did it and took the jump, you caught me. THANK YOU.  

And, now it’s time for more beach photos (more coming later, too. So. Many. Pictures.). On the last day and at the last minute, we decided to try to get our act together and take some family photos.

Harper didn’t get the memo…


007 (800x532)

This is a family photo with a toddler. #RealLife

011 (800x531)

Much better. Thanks, Grammy 🙂

017 (800x594)

018 (800x604)Maybe not.

009 (800x532)

 “MaGa” saves the day.

025 (640x800)

This is what happens when “MaGa” is around. I get the straight arm push.

030 (532x800)

Going for a little “walka walka” with my girl.

036 (800x532)

Daddy’s girl.

038 (800x532)

Just trying to keep up…

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  • Samantha

    Thanks for being so honest, so many people only feature the “perfect” shot and neglect to say how long it took to get it.

    • suzanne

      I am guilty of that, too – but these were just too good not to share! 😉

  • Karen

    This is what makes digital cameras so amazing. Take the thousands of pictures necessary to get one decent shot of everyone. I do individual & class photos for a local preschool so I COMPLETELY understand. Beautiful family!

    • suzanne

      Thank you! You are a saint to take photos of preschoolers 🙂

  • April Brooks

    This is such a cute idea!!
    Beautiful family!

    • suzanne

      Thank you, April!

  • Morgan @ Lilies + Lambs

    Beautiful! The “fails” are always my faves! xx

    • suzanne

      Mine too 🙂 Thanks, mama! xo

  • Ruth Warye

    Wonderful photos. Always have a ton of ” not so good ones” but hard to delete them😳. Full of memories. I sometimes will print pic that’s not so good and cut out faces/poses I like and do something creative with them