Summer Style: Beachy Blues

I’m always drawn to the color blue. It’s so soothing and relaxing. I would paint our entire house blue if my husband would let me (he won’t).

As soon as we stepped out onto the patio of our beach house and I set my sights on these pool tiles, I knew I had to get some photos with them. So pretty.

Remember the blush Lush top that I wore last summer? (You can see it here). I scooped up this blue one at Nordstrom awhile ago. I can’t get enough of these babies. They’re so easy and cute. This one is no longer available, but I’ve linked similar styles below. You just can’t go wrong with these easy Lush tops. 🙂


We’ve had such a wonderful week at the beach. I’ll be sharing more of our family photos in a couple of days!


040 (800x531)

028 (611x800)

031 (591x800)


038 (800x740)

006 (653x800)




  • Jill

    Just in time for Dress in Blue Day! I love it! And Harper is the perfect accessory 😍

  • Calli Knudsen

    That shirt is adorable! And it looks super comfy.