A Look Inside: Harper’s Nursery

Recently, I realized that eventually (and probably soon), “Harper’s nursery” will turn into “Harper’s room.” This little realization caught me by surprise, and it makes me want to run outside and scream at the top of my lungs: “I’M NOT READY!”

Rather than risk stares from my neighbors and a possible Disturbing The Peace citation, I’ve chosen to document my baby girl’s nursery, so I can stare longingly at these photos in a couple of years. (Shoppable links are below. I’ve linked similar products for products that are no longer available.)

As I started taking the pics, memories came flooding in.

It’s summer and I’m 142 months pregnant. My mom and I are tracing a bowl and a glass on the wall to create perfect(ish) little discs, then hand painting them in shades of pinks, while sounds of James Taylor fill the room.

I’m just home from the hospital, with a baby who wants nothing to do with sleeping and everything to do with nursing. I’m beyond exhausted. I’m crying. I’m struggling. And my mom is sitting on the floor next to the glider, reading The Art of Breastfeeding to me.

I’m sitting in the glider in the middle of the night while the rest of the world sleeps, nursing my babe, fighting sleep by studying those pink polka dots, and then counting them again and again.

My husband and I are lowering the crib because our 5 month old girl is curious and tall. We aren’t realizing how hard it will be to reach her for those thousands of kisses we’ve grown accustomed to planting on her when her crib was higher.

I’m taking monthly photos of my sweet girl on her favorite little lamb.

And it’s this morning. I walk into my baby girl’s nursery, she pops up in her crib, yells “Hi!” and waves at me, like I’m her most favorite sight in the whole world.


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IMG_8421 (1) (800x782)

055 (800x651)

IMG_8758 (710x800)

060 (416x800) (2)

IMG_8763 (737x800)

063 (800x532)

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Baby Girl's



  • Meredith

    That light is amazing! And wonderful idea about the circles, I love it! Thrnging the room into her toddler oasis will be just as fun as the nursery! I promise!!

  • Sarah @ Windy City Wanderlust

    I love how you used all those soft neutral colors and a subtle pop of pink to decorate Harper’s nursery. It’s feminine without being too garish. So sweet!

  • Francesca

    This is absolutely gorgeous! What a great space! I love all of the little details you’ve included, those letters on the wall!!! Love them!

  • Lauren

    This is a gorgeous nursery and beautifully written about!

  • Meghan

    I cried reading this. Your nursery is so sweet. I have a three month old baby up napping in her nursery right now. I have little memories like you have of different moments, and while I’m excited for her to pop up one day and say “HI!” I also don’t want my baby to grow up. Is it happy when it happens, or do you look back at the baby days longingly?

  • Tiffany @ A Touch of Grace

    Her room is precious. I love the light fixture. And your story is so sweet. I remember those nights and will soon be experiencing them again. Cherish these moments as best you can Mama!

  • Alexis

    This is stunning! What a great space that will grow with your sweet girl. We have a growth chart for our littles and it’s one of my all time favorite items we ever purchased. Sometimes I pause just to stare at it and I’m in awe of how much my babies have grown. Did you make yours?

  • Tessa Kirby

    Oh man I remember feeling the SAME exact things after having my first! This room is gorgeous and kuddos to you for documenting it before it no longer holds that little baby anymore!

  • Patricia

    I had just as much fun doing the toddler room and he was so much fun with his reaction.

  • The Home Loving Wife

    Oh my GOODNESS, this nursery is stunning!!! And what you shared in the post had me tearing up – my littlest (and last!) sweet babe is 14 months and I just had to lower her crib for the last time. I know it’s all coming to an end and I’ve got all kinds of feels going on this morning 😩 But truly, you have such an incredible gift with interior design I want her nursery to be my bedroom! Just gorgeous!

  • Christal / Proverbial Mama

    Harper’s nursery is beautiful! I loved the nursery we made for my little girl – and then we moved, and while I’m in love with our new home, her new room just isn’t as cute. 😉 Your post made me tear, up, too – soon my little one will be ready to transition to a toddler bed. Time is sneaky and fast! It’s good you’re documenting this, and that you have such clear and vivid memories of precious times shared in this precious space.