Top Ten Tuesday: About Me

I started blogging as an outlet for my creative side, and also so I could have the opportunity to dress up once in awhile. I had hoped my friends and family would read, but never imagined people I’d never met would start reading and following me. Thank you for the support!

Here are some random tidbits about me. I hope you enjoy!

1. In high school my major celebrity crush wasn’t Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise. It was David Letterman. Top Ten Tuesdays are my little tribute to him.

2. I majored in French in college.  I have a love affair with the language. Sadly, it’s been way too long since I’ve spoken or studied it, and one of my life goals is to get back into it.

3. I was a manager at Bloomie’s for 7 years. I don’t miss the retail schedule at all, but I do miss working with my friends every day. I started in Atlanta and then transferred to Chicago to be closer to home. I have met some of my best friends through the crazy retail world, and for that I’m so grateful.

4. I’m from Wisconsin. Growing up, I didn’t appreciate it and definitely didn’t realize what a great place it was. My goal was always to get out and move far away. Although I know I won’t ever move back, it’s now my favorite place in the world and I try to get back to visit my family at least once a month.

5. My first job was at the Circus. (No, for real). I didn’t, as my dad always jokes, wear a red nose and big floppy shoes. I worked in the gift shop.

6. I’ve always been terrified of clowns. (Yeah, that was fun.)

7. I met my husband on Facebook. We had a mutual friend, whom I had just wished a Happy Birthday. He saw my post, thought I had a cool name, so he clicked. And then we clicked (corny?).

8. I know the first 2 pages of Charlotte’s Web by heart. It’s a fun party trick to recite them. It was the first chapter book I’d ever read. One day, I asked my mom how she was ever able to finish a book. I just didn’t understand it. I had been reading this book for a while, and I couldn’t finish it. That’s when she explained the whole bookmark thing to me. Ooooooooh, you mean you don’t start at the beginning every time??

9. My husband and I got married, bought our dream home and had a baby all within 1 year. We don’t do things half way.

10. My eyesight is -7.25. So in other words, I’m pretty much blind. I’ve worn glasses since 3rd grade (back then they were big red ones. Super cute). Now without my contacts I can’t see a foot in front of me.


  • Devin & Emily

    Loved learning more about you! Great post! XO!

    • suzanne

      Thank you! So sweet xo

  • Diana Erfurth

    Can’t wait to read more

    • suzanne

      Thank you for the support!

  • Annekevh

    Loved to read this!